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near Copenhagen, a harmonious garden city enchants its inhabitants



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M. Burgot, S. Guillemot, F. Carrière, P. Limpens

France 2

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In the suburbs of Copenhagen (Denmark), small inexpensive houses, installed in large circles cut into equal parts, delight city dwellers. Built in the 1960s, these small houses are still very much in demand.
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You could think of an extraterrestrial habitat. This is not the case: it is the circular housing estates in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Seen from the sky, the panorama is of perfect harmony. The city is divided into circles, then into spokes. A couple bought a second home there 39 years ago, including a 50 square meter house. “It’s freedom here. And then it’s calm. (…) Here, I am happy“, rejoices Jens Tharp, retiree.

This garden city dates from 1964. At the time, the municipality of Copenhagen offered these plots at moderate prices, and targeted the working classes living in apartments in the Danish capital. The spirit remained. With the Covid-19 crisis, demand is even growing there. It is forbidden to resell houses above 30,000 euros. Another obligation: to respect the rules decreed by the architect in 1964. “The driveway in front of the house must not be more than 80 cm“, explains Christian Ribert Moller, for example, of the association La ville des jardins.

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