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Municipality starts almost 70 cases against landlords who do not replace pipes | NOW

The municipality of Amsterdam has started almost seventy cases against landlords who refuse to replace the lead pipes. In the private rental sector, a total of 111 buildings and complexes, together with approximately eight hundred homes, have been found to have lead pipes.

Homeowners are responsible for replacing the lead pipes, but there is no ban on the pipes. The municipality is nevertheless trying to oblige home landlords to replace the drinking water pipes through a provision in the Housing Act, which states that a home must not pose a health or safety hazard.

The lead pipes of 58 paths with approximately 435 homes have since been replaced. Exceeding the lead value was measured in nearly 70 cases, but the owner took no action. After the municipality started a case against those landlords, ten eventually decided to replace them.

What will happen if landlords continue to refuse to replace the pipes is not clear. Earlier this year, however, a judge ruled in three cases in favor of tenants who had filed a case.

The problems surrounding the lead pipes are of concern to the municipality. The city council announced last October that it wanted to impose a fine of 10,000 euros on home owners who do not replace their lead pipes. A survey already showed that several lessors were not planning to replace the lead pipes.

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In October 2019, GGD Amsterdam announced that there are thousands of pre-1960 homes in the city with old lead water pipes. This caused a lot of concern because a too high lead content in the drinking water poses a major health risk.

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