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MT: Hundreds of Atria pork containers got stuck in the Suez Canal congestion – Domestic

Rural Future says more than 250 containers of Atria pork are stuck due to congestion on the Suez Canal.

MV Ever Given, one of the world’s largest container vessels, has blocked the Suez Canal, known as a freight hub, since last Tuesday morning. The ship drifted into the shallows in a sandstorm.

Atria canteen is stuck with a large amount of pork in the giant congestion of the Suez Canal. That’s what it says Future of the countryside.

The magazine reports that Atria has more than 250 containers of pork on its way to China, South Korea and Japan. 50 of them are on wheels and waiting for loads, but a couple of rains are at sea.

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Attempts have been made to push and pull the platform and earthworks are underway around its stuck bow. Efforts are being made to lighten the cargo and it is hoped that the high tide starting on Saturday will detach the ship.

Export Manager Markku Hirvijärvi tells the Rural Future that there is no worries yet, as the suma has only lasted a few days.

– They are freezer containers and shipping companies have stated that as long as the ships’ machines are running, the generators will generate enough electricity and power. When the ship gets turned, it doesn’t take long for everyone to leave the queue, he says.

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