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Mouthguard and virus test when Tivoli opens

– We are very satisfied and proud that we get to open, as one of the first in Denmark. The fact that Tivoli is opening gives hope for brighter times, says park director Kasper Schumacher.

He does not believe in any rush to the ancient amusement park, as Copenhagen is still empty of tourists. Therefore, you start a little cautiously with limited opening hours. In April it will only be open on the weekends and the park closes already at 20 in the evenings.

Loss 2020

From making a substantial profit in 2019, Tivoli retreated during the first year of the pandemic to a loss of the equivalent of 196 million Swedish kronor. The amusement park had almost three million fewer visitors than in 2019 and last summer 233 employees were laid off.

– When we open now, we expect quite a lot less guests and in fact also less than last year. We think we are opening quite slowly and we hope that the restrictions will change so that we can have concerts and open the restaurants eventually, says Kasper Schumacher.

In Denmark, restaurants are still not allowed to receive visitors, but they are allowed to sell takeaway food, so initially Tivoli’s guests can eat on park benches or out in the green grass.

The pandemic will make its mark on the Tivoli visit in many ways. For example, there is now a small test station where you can get an answer for 50 Danish kroner if you carry the virus. But it is only for visitors who missed the requirement for a test certificate – it should actually be arranged in advance at any of the test centers in Copenhagen that offer free virus testing.

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