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More than a third of the French have already voted for the National Rally, according to a poll

Among them, nearly 30% did so to express their dissatisfaction with other political parties.
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The frontist vote is very attractive. Nearly 35% of French people have already voted for the National Rally (RN), according to an Ifop-Fiducial * poll conducted for Sunday Newspaper and Sud Radio. Some 23% of those questioned have already voted several times for the RN.

Of these people, 29% say they voted for the RN because they wanted to “Express [leur] dissatisfaction with other political parties “, far ahead of “share the observation that this party makes on the state of France” (16%), or because they “adheres to the ideas and solutions on immigration that this party offers” (14%).

What then mattered most to those who chose to vote for the RN was the party’s platform for 43% of those polled and “the values ​​it represents” for 28% of them. The “personality of Marine Le Pen” was the motivation of only 8% of those questioned.

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In addition, 34% of those polled expressed the wish to see Marine Le Pen win the presidential election of 2022, but only 28% of these people thought that would be the case. The personality who best embodies the RN remains Marine Le Pen (80%) ahead of Marion Maréchal (74%) then Eric Zemmour (57%).

* Survey conducted online on March 18 and 23 with a representative sample of 3,034 people aged 18 and over, using the quota method. Margin of error 0.8 to 1.8 points.

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