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More rats are caught with digital traps – more and more in demand in Dalarna

In 2020, digital control in Dalarna increased by 32 percent, according to figures from the decontamination company Anticimex. At the same time, the traditional rat decontamination decreased by 24 percent.

– When we mainly used pesticides, we did not know how many rats ate the drug or how many died. With the digital rat traps, we get a greater overview of how many rats are actually killed and that is one of the reasons why this is a better solution, says Anders Brandin who is consumer manager at Anticimex.

Has increased fivefold since 2018

At the company Nomor, which also deals with pest control, the digital trend is the same. In Dalarna alone, the number of digital traps has increased fivefold in 2020 compared to 2018.

In addition to the fact that it is easier to monitor the digital traps, it is also a more environmentally friendly alternative when pesticides can be avoided, which both companies and municipalities demand to a greater extent.

More environmentally friendly but more expensive

– With the new biocides regulation that came into force on 1 January 2019, the work with more environmentally friendly alternatives has increased significantly for us. On the other hand, it is the case that the digital traps cost more than ordinary pesticides, so it is unfortunately the case that it is not an option for everyone, says Johan Peterson, training coordinator at Nomor.

In the clip you can see the pictures from the digital traps and find out more about how they work.

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