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More dogs injured by wild boar: “Do not attack because they are mean”

New statistics from the animal insurance company Agria show that wild boar attacks have increased by 20 percent in the country in 2020 compared with the year before. If you look back over a five-year period, the increase is as much as 173 percent.

SVT Nyheter has met hunting care consultant Elias Turesson who works with game and hunting issues in Småland.

– It is of course sad for those who get their dogs injured. I myself have had three dogs injured by wild boar over the years. At the same time, one must look at what the increase is due to. The wild boars establish themselves in new areas where neither hunters nor dogs are used to them. Then it is also the case that the hunting pressure on wild boar is now very high, he says.

Undeserved bad reputation

The hunters’ association thinks that the wild boar has gained an undeserved bad reputation and therefore Elias Turesson thinks it is important to try to understand why they attack dogs.

– The wild boars do not attack because they are evil, but they want to be at peace. A dog that is assertive will have more seizures against it than a dog that is calm and sensible and stands at a distance, he says.

Many dangers for hunting dogs

Wild boar is also just one of many dangers for hunting dogs that run loose in the forest.

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– I have seen statistics that there are three dogs a day who are injured or seriously injured in traffic. I myself have had three dogs killed over the years, so I am much more afraid of the traffic. In addition, all the dogs that I have had to sew after they got stuck and torn on old barbed wire that are in the woods. There are many injuries that dogs can suffer and wild boar are just part of it all, says Elias Turesson.

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