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more and more inhabitants now find it difficult to eat

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                « <em>Famine will increase in 20 countries in the next month. </em>This is the cry of alarm from the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).  Countries including Yemen, Sudan, northern Nigeria and Lebanon.  The inhabitants of the land of the cedar, in the grip of an unprecedented economic and political crisis, are sinking into poverty.  Faced with the dizzying fall of the Lebanese pound against the dollar and the explosion of prices in supermarkets, many Lebanese are now struggling to eat and turn to NGOs to survive.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Beirut, </em><strong>  Noah Pignède</strong>

Under a large white tent set up in a rather affluent district of the Lebanese capital, volunteers distribute hot meals to the inhabitants. Women and men who had for the most part never asked for association help, as Shaima, one of the volunteers, explains.

« We have people from very different social categories who come here, she assures. People who had never been seen asking for food, but who have no more money. People of wealthy origin who are suffering from the financial crisis and are asking for our support. The Lebanese are not used to asking for help. They are worthy and proud. I never imagined seeing my compatriots one day queuing for food. We have few donors and not enough money to help everyone. It’s a nightmare. »

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The Grassroots Lebanon initiative distributes nearly 200 hot meals a day. On the menu today, pasta Bolognese that Joseph, 51, hastens to put in his bag.

« I had five meals, it’s for my family: four children and me and my wife. My wife, she’s in the hospital, she has cancer. Before, me and my wife used to work. My salary was $ 1,500, now my salary is $ 200, it’s very hard to live with. »

Like Joseph’s family, nearly a quarter of the Lebanese population now lives in extreme poverty, on less than $ 2 a day.

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