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More and more dogs are injured in battle with wild boar

– I have unfortunately experienced several wild boar injuries on Troy. The wild boars have pastures that are very sharp and when the dogs happen to get too close, they can make an outcome. It is usually about cuts in the skin and muscles, but if you are unlucky, it can be even deeper, says Caroline Lundén.

Both wild boar and dogs are increasing

In 2020, more than 400 dogs were injured in clashes with wild animals, where wild boars account for the majority of cases. This is an increase across the country of 20 percent compared with the previous year. If we look back over a five-year period, we see an increase of as much as 173 percent.

It is above all hunting dog breeds that happen badly and the number of cases is considered large as Agria Djurförsäkring insures about half of all Sweden’s dogs.

– It is probably because the tribe has increased for a longer period so we need to hunt more wild boar. At the same time, we also see that it is becoming increasingly common today to hunt with dogs. But it is clear that you feel frustration and disappointment when a dog is injured. Therefore, I advocate taking preventive measures and thinking carefully – before starting the hunt, says Caroline Lundén.

See here Carolines Lundén’s four tips to reduce the risk of wild boar damage to your dog:

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This is how you reduce the risk of wild boar damage to your dog Photo: SVT / Lovisa Gelin

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