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MODO hockey turns one hundred years old – see some of the highlights

What is today MODO Hockey began at August Johansson’s Café in Sund on March 27, 1921 when Alfredshems IK was formed. Football was on the program and in the very first match it was a scorching loss with 6-1 against Domsjö IF.

The business grew up in the industrial city, where the working culture went hand in hand with sports in many ways. The video shows some of the club’s great moments.

Skiing, athletics and bandy

For many years it was about a number of sports, in addition to football, the association devoted itself to skiing as well as bandy and athletics. It was not until 1938 that hockey came into the picture, but it would be until 1946 before Alfredshem had the first real success on the hockey field, when they won the Danish Championship title in Ångermanland.

The rest is, as they say, history. In 1958 the hockey team went up in the Allsvenskan and an artificially frozen ice rink was inaugurated, the following year the club got its first national team member in ice hockey through Åke Nordström who was selected for two b-national matches against Finland, Nordström was to be followed by many top players.

New name and Swedish Championship gold

Alfredshem established itself in the highest division and in 1963 the name was changed to MoDo AIK, the following year the historic Kempehallen was completed.

In 1969, the club passed another milestone when a women’s team was also formed. Ten years later, after fighting for 21 seasons, Modos’ men’s team won the Swedish Championship, the year before the club had sent its first player to the NHL when Lasse Lindgren became a professional in the Vancouver Canucks.

Just hockey

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Modo did not become a pure hockey club until 1987 and balanced on several occasions on the relegation line, but at the same time things started to happen in the younger ranks. Ångermanland really showed his front feet in the TV puck and in 1991 Modo released many of his junior talents. Two names stood out: Peter Forsberg and Markus Näslund. Forsberg became “Foppa” with the entire Swedish people and the year after world champion as an 18-year-old junior.

After total hockey fever made the whole of Örnsköldsvik stop, people queued whole nights for match tickets, they narrowly lost the Swedish Championship final against Malmö in 1994. But “Foppa” got revenge in the Olympic final in Lillehammer by deciding the match on penalties and making a strong contribution to Sweden. OS Gold.

In 1999, the twins Daniel and Henrik Sedin broke through and Modo won the highest series by far, but the team lost again in the playoffs.

New Swedish Championship gold

While the talents from Örnsköldsvik were successful on the other side of the Atlantic, Modo became an established top team for many years, but the second Swedish Championship gold has been waiting for 28 years. It was not until 2007 that what is now called MODO Hockey took home the Swedish Championship dent again after a brilliant season in a new arena.

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At the same time, the ladies of MODO Hockey made an impression in the National Series and in 2012, the ladies took home the association’s third hockey gold with 15 straight wins.

The women’s team held the club’s flag high, but for the men, the downhill slope began in earnest in 2016 when they fell out of the highest series and the cancer has continued until this year’s season, which can be summed up as the worst in a very long time.


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