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Mobile looting: Prosecutors demand maximum punishment for several defendants

The trial has been going on for over a month in Växjö District Court, and the prosecutor demands multi-year prison sentences for all eight accused.

Chief prosecutor Marianne Forsström has argued in court for the most severe punishments in the penalty scale for several of those involved – eight years in prison for serious tax offenses and six years in prison for serious business laundry offenses.

The indictment covers a total of eight people, including one football referees at the elite level and one former local politicians. All defendants deny the crime.

The companies involved have been found in several places in Kronoberg, Stockholm and Halland.

Hair salon became a super wholesaler

One of the central companies, Jolumar, started as a hair salon in Halmstad but changed direction and started trading with mobile phones and IP telephony for large sums. Its website describes itself as “one of the fastest growing wholesalers of mobile phones and tablets in the world”.

But according to the prosecutor, the activity has in fact been part of a scheme with the aim of cheating the Swedish state of money.

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The alleged mobile phone trade has, among other things, taken place with one of the world’s largest mobile wholesalers, Brightstar, which in Sweden cooperates with Telia, Tre and Telenor, among others, and which the Swedish Tax Agency pointed out as involved in the tangle.

Brightstar has described itself as a victim of the fraud, but recently SVT was able to tell that Brightstar started an internal investigation and closed by an employee pending review.

Brightstar representatives have heard in the Växjö case but has not been included among the accused.

13 prosecutors – 50 companies

The mobile scam is described as that largest fraud that has affected the Swedish tax system.

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In a budget document to the government, which was drawn up just a few weeks ago, the Swedish Environmental Crime Agency describes how it was necessary to build a special organization for this type of crime, and that 13 prosecutors today work with investigations aimed at a total of about fifty Swedish companies.

The authority sees a need for reinforcements so that the fraud does not involve resources from other crime areas.

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