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Miochi, a website to feel pretty despite cancer

Emilie was confronted with cancer in 2019. Her body has taken the treatments and changed, an image that is not always easy to digest and manage. Today, she is launching the Miochi site, which allows second-hand resale of pretty and useful accessories that will allow you to live this period as well as possible.

Miochi is chemo in verlan. This is the name of the website created by Emilie, a resident of Cléguerec in Morbihan, the fruit of her experience.

In 2019, she learned that she had breast cancer. “I take the all-inclusive (the complete pack): operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy”, she explains. From February to November, the treatments follow one another and with them the consequences on the body.

With cancer, self-image takes a big hit


Emilie says: “I lost my hair, my eyelashes and my eyebrows. Beyond the announcement of the disease, this is what is complicated to manage, the visible effect, the image that we give to others . It’s very violent even. We take a lot, we inflate … My children were small, 5 years and 18 months, I wanted to remain positive in their eyes ”

To pass the pill, she tells herself that she will try to make herself pretty. She laughs : “In addition, when I’m stressed, I spend.” Here she is looking for cool accessories, with materials that breathe, because “when you lose your hair you have an itchy scalp.” She plunges into an unknown world, that of hair technicians. Reality catches up with aesthetic aspirations. Wigs are expensive, with limited support from Social Security. “The first prices range from 0 to 400 euros, the security reimburses 350 but the models do not rhyme with quality and comfort.”

Emilie opts for natural hair. This kind of wig costs 1500 euros. “If we exceed the security package, we are reimbursed less.” Sarcastic, she throws : “It’s a luxury to have a beautiful wig.” She will end up putting on a turban even if her beginnings are difficult. “I was a knotted quiche.”

During this period, Emilie also opted for cosmetics. Some are needed, which she had no idea. Her second phase of chemotherapy makes her extremely sensitive to ultraviolet rays. She must then buy a special nail polish, reinforced with silicon, to apply every week for three months at the risk of seeing her nails come off (fingers and toes). Cost of the bottle: 10 euros. “In the end everything adds up” she sums up.

Miochi, bet on the second hand to feel good

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On the strength of her observations, Emilie reflects. “I am a follower of the second hand, I looked a little if there were second-hand sites for cancer but I did not find, I saw some things pass to the margin on Vinted (online application which allows to resell clothes). And in the region, there are few specialty shops, with cool or pretty things. “

I never looked so flirtatious as when I was sick


She created Miochi, a site that will link all those who ultimately have the gear to better cope with the disease: wigs, turbans, books, chemo caps, at more affordable prices. “Everything washes out” she explains. “This is aimed at people who want to have a choice, to see things being used again. By selling my wig for example, I told myself that it was better if it was useful to someone rather than leaving it. in my drawer. Plus, these are things we hope we won’t have to use anymore. “

The spirit of the site is positive, here we are talking about well-being, not medical. “We are already bad enough that it is not worth adding more”, she emphasizes. Next to the store, the “Miochi chats” section gives practical advice on how to put on make-up, how to tie these famous turbans.

Emilie is now considering blogging. She especially wants the site to become a collaborative space, with an exchange of experiences.

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