Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Minister on export ban: Threatens pandemic

The EU’s export ban on Astra Zeneca’s vaccine may result in a slightly increased supply of vaccines in Sweden.

The negative consequences are significantly more, says Foreign Minister Anna Hallberg.

– In the longer term, it threatens the entire Sweden, the EU and the world’s pandemic fight. Free flow of goods is absolutely crucial for producing vaccines, she tells SVT.

Is it not right to impose export bans when Astra Zeneca does not comply with its contract?

– Of course, the EU should not be disadvantaged vis-à-vis other countries, but to escalate a trade war on vaccines we think would be very unfortunate.

“Escalating vaccine nationalism”

An escalating vaccine conflict could ultimately lead to fewer vaccine doses being manufactured, says Hallberg, who is concerned about the development.

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– I think there is an obvious risk that some form of vaccine nationalism will escalate. We really do not want to see that right now. The worst case scenario is that it will be more difficult to produce vaccines and then it will take longer to fight the pandemic.

“Any form of trade barrier risks production”

EU parliamentarian Karin Karlsbro (L) understands that measures are being taken to get the vaccine in place quickly. But she thinks the measure involves very big risks.

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EU parliamentarian: “Increases risks of trade war”
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