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Minister of the Interior Ohisalo Yle: The date of movement restrictions is not clear – entry into force by Easter “would make it strict” – Politics

According to Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo (Green), the start date of the restrictions on movement and the mask ban is not yet clear.

Yle’s A-Talk program considered movement restrictions and mask coercion.

Prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd) The government submitted to Parliament a proposal for a temporary restriction of freedom of movement and close contacts, as well as a mask ban on the worst epidemic areas.

In areas subject to mobility restrictions, you would only have the right to leave your home or place of residence for a necessary reason or for outdoor activities.

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Restrictions on movement are seen as an indirect means of restricting encounters that take place in private events.

– We hope that Parliament will have an in-depth debate. We must be prepared to use all means, Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo (green) told Yle on A-Talk.

According to Ohisalo, the health care system is starting to be overburdened.

It is still unknown when the restrictions will begin

According to Ohisalo, the entry into force of the restrictions by Easter “would make it strict”. According to him, it is not even certain that the means will come into force.

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According to Ohisalo, the performance has been deliberately made in such a way that it is not unnecessarily restricted to something that has no harm.

The police carry out surveillance during normal operations.

– In practice, control is difficult for the police. It must be made clear to all people that the disease is serious, Ohisalo said.

According to Ohisalo, the government has discussed changing the vaccination schedule.

Halla-aho: Border security is important

– The threshold for using extreme measures must be high, the chairman of basic Finns Jussi Halla-aho said.

Halla-aho said keeping borders open has for some reason been more important than securing citizens.

According to Halla-aho, general restrictions on movement are a great disadvantage for people.

Surveillance is a difficult task for the police.

– Finland has the smallest police force in relation to the population in the entire EU, Halla-aho said.

Encounters with young adults are reduced

The broadcast also considered whether all other means had now been used.

– Individual very point-by-point means could still have been used. Private events could have been intervened. The solution now decided is more comprehensive, the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Kirsi Varhila said.

According to him, now efforts are being made to reduce the number of meetings with young adults in particular. Restrictions on movement are an indirect means of restricting encounters that take place in private events.

According to Varhila, whether three weeks is enough for the restrictions depends, among other things, on how the vaccinations progress.

In which areas are the restrictions applied?

– The situation has come to an end where the means are running out, the chief physician of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District, or Hus Markku Mäkijärvi in turn said.

– The four municipalities in the capital are the ones with the worst disease. It is not easy to define the boundary when the disease spreads, Mäkijärvi said.

Restrictions would probably apply to Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen, as well as Turku.

According to Mäkijärvi, Finland’s restrictions are not as severe as in Berlin, for example.

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