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Mineral finds prove – Lake Mien was created by a meteorite impact

For a long time it was thought that the round lake Mien in Tingsryd was the remains of a volcano. But as early as 1910, the geologist Arvid Högbom put forward a theory that the lake could instead be the result of a meteorite impact, about 120 million years ago. This theory has been dominant in the research world since the 60’s.

In a new study, a research team from Lund University has found decisive evidence for meteorite theory. Namely, they have discovered a mineral called reidite that can only be created by the extreme pressures that occur during meteorite impacts.

Compared to atomic bombs

Reidite is formed at about 30 gigapascals.

– It is usually popular to compare with the number of atomic bombs. This force corresponds to up to thousands of atomic bombs, says Josefin Martell.

The researchers examined hair-thin parts of the mineral zircon in rock samples from Mien. It is inside these that scientists have managed to find traces of reidite, which acts as a kind of time capsule from the meteorite impact.

Josefin Martell hopes that the discovery can now put an end to the discussion about Mien’s origins.

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– Hopefully the interest in these impact structures will also increase.

In the clip above, Josefin Martell tells more about the discovery.

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