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migrants included in the vaccination campaign

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                Serbia, which is one of the champions of vaccination against Covid-19 on the European continent, has started to vaccinate volunteers among the 5,000 migrants registered in the country.  Report in the Obrenovac camp, located south of Belgrade.

                                    <p>An anti-Covid vaccination campaign aimed at migrants is underway in Serbia, where nearly 5,000 refugees are registered. 

In Obrenovac camp, located an hour’s drive south of Belgrade, only 15 people volunteered for vaccination, out of the 450 migrants living there. A low figure because many are not sure they are still in Serbia at the time of the second injection.

“We informed migrants in their own language, with videos about Covid-19 projected on television screens in dining rooms. Likewise, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a leaflet that explains to migrants, anything that may interest them about the vaccine, ”explains Svetlana Palic, from the Serbian Refugee and Migration Commission.

Since the start of the epidemic, only 32 migrants have fallen ill, and currently only 4 are infected.

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