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Merkel is furious at the states’ plans for corona relief

Last week, Angela Merkel backed away from the previous decision to keep Germany extra closed at Easter. After harsh criticism from both the government and the states, Merkel then said that the intended tough restrictions were a mistake.

But Merkel does not like to go from that decision to prematurely easing the existing restrictions, which will apply until April 18.

– We have our emergency brake, but unfortunately it is not respected everywhere. I hope that some may think about it, Merkel said in an interview on the TV channel ARD.

– There are a number of states that have slightly broader interpretations (of the “emergency brake”) and that does not make me happy, she continues.

“No new meeting”

Among the states looking at relief are both Greater North Rhine-Westphalia and smaller Saarland. In the latter, there are plans to open sports facilities and entertainment facilities immediately after Easter, for those who can show a negative corona test.

– If we give the impression that we can open up then … that is not what we are going to do today, Merkel says and rejects the demands for new talks with the state leaders.

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– We do not need a new meeting, we need the states to act.

“New pandemic”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Germany, with 83 million inhabitants, has reported close to 2.8 million cases of covid-19. More than 75,000 people have died. The number of infections has increased in recent weeks, and Merkel reused the warning she came up with when the now upset decision to shut down Easter was made just over a week ago.

– We basically have a new pandemic, we have to break the third wave.

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