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Meira thinks Ronaldo’s reaction to a missed goal is unacceptable for the captain

Former Zenit and Portugal player Fernando Meira criticized Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction to the missed goal following the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Serbia.

“It’s a clean goal, but Ronaldo can’t throw the Portugal captain’s armband to the ground. Cristiano’s reaction is natural, but unacceptable for the captain of the national team. You can not throw the captain’s armband on the ground and go to the locker room while the game is on, ”ESPN quotes Meirou.

According to him, he understands his disappointment and agrees with it, but the striker must set an example with his behavior.

The meeting took place at the Raiko Mitic stadium in Serbia and ended with a score of 2: 2.

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In the third minute added to the main time of the game, Ronaldo shot from outside the penalty area, the defender of the Serbian national team pulled the ball off the ribbon with his foot. The Portuguese players signaled to the referee that the ball crossed the goal line, but he did not score a goal. Ronaldo received a yellow card for indignation at the referee’s decision. After that, the Portuguese striker threw the captain’s armband onto the field.

Earlier, Ronaldo made a statement after an unaccounted goal in a match with Serbia.

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