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Meghan’s father Thomas Markle marched to the gates of Oprah Winfrey’s mansion and slipped a mysterious letter to the guard – Royal

Thomas Markle takes part in Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.

Duchess Meghanin father Thomas Markle wants to talk her mouth clean between her and her daughter Oprah Winfreyn on a TV show, he says The Sun. According to the British newspaper, Markle was unexpectedly spotted in Montecito, California, where Winfrey lives.

Markle seems to have taken the reins into his own hands, as According to The Sun, he ran his car to the gates of Winfrey Manor, known as the talk show queen, with a letter in his hand.

The Sun says Markle slipped his letter to Oprah Winfrey’s guards. Markle’s close circle is said to be in the letter stating that he is willing to be interviewed.

– Thomas wrote a letter to Oprah because he wants to tell his story. The letter was not to Harry or Meghan, it was to Oprah, the insider is told to The Sun.

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– Thomas thinks he deserves to have his voice heard.

American TV star and businesswoman Oprah Winfrey is known as the queen of talk shows.­

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A TV interview given to Oprah Winfrey by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan raised a huge stir. In an interview, Meghan also commented for the first time on the break between her and her father. Meghan described his father betraying his trust by chattering his private affairs to the press.

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Thomas Markle, meanwhile, said on a British morning TV show he watched his daughter’s TV interview in amazement.

– In practice, I give an interview to the press because I have not heard from them. If I don’t hear from them for 30 days, I’ll give another interview. And I haven’t heard from them. I would love to hear from them, Thomas Markle said on television.

– I give interviews because they don’t talk to me. When they decide to talk to me again, I will stop talking to the press. I would like to apologize for my actions, but it is two years. I have tried to compensate for my actions. But these stories in the papers are because I haven’t heard from you, Markle continued, directing his words directly to Meghan.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry made harsh allegations about the court.­

Markle also stated in the program that he would love to meet his grandson Archie, now that the couple lives quite close to Markle in Los Angeles.

– I’m free at any time, if you wanted to meet. I would like to meet my grandchildren.

Meghan said in an interview with Oprah that she had learned shortly before her and Harry’s wedding that a British newspaper had been preparing a big revelation about her father. So he decided to ask his father if this had spoken to the media. Markle knocked out the allegations. According to Meghan, he tried to get his father to tell the truth and made it clear to him that if he did, he and Harry could help.

Thomas Markle and Meghan broke up just before Meghan and Harry’s wedding.­

However, during a visit to the morning television, Markle stated that no one ever offered to protect him or his family.

– No one took the time to protect any of my family members. The press attacks us every day. No one cared about us, Markle accounted for the program.

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