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Meghan reveals behind-the-scenes videos of the harsh truth about her family – the question of her father’s “deception” silences the Duchess – Royal

New videos from Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan and Harry were released that were not originally shown on TV. In one of them, the Duchess tells of her chilling intervals with her father and sister.

Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghanin the aftermath of the uproar continued in the United States immediately on Monday morning. Couples interviewed Oprah Winfrey visited the CBS morning program This Morningissa telling about what happened behind the scenes. At the same time, new interview excerpts were published that did not end up in the original program.

One of the unprecedented videos deals with the family of Duchess Meghan. In the video, Meghan tells Winfrey about her relationship with her father Thomas Markleen and his sister Samantha Markleen. According to the Duchess, she does not know her sister at all, and her relationship with her father is not good.

Meghan’s father has given the media several statements about his daughter in recent years without his permission. According to Meghan, the British press chased his father for more than a year to get an interview from him. He says he did everything he could to protect his parents from the media, but the task proved impossible.

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Meghan argues that when the British tabloids finally found out where his father lived, their representatives moved to live next door to this one. According to Meghan, his father was given gifts to speak to the media.

– Did it feel like fraud when you found out that your father collaborated with the tabloids? Winfrey asks with a new video.

The question makes Meghan calm down, look elsewhere, and take a long break. The subject is clearly difficult for him.

– I’m trying to decide if I’m even ready to talk about it, he says after thinking for a moment.

Duchess Meghan’s father, Thomas, is said to have moved away from her daughter years ago.­

According to the Duchess, fraud can be discussed in connection with a decision made by her father. Meghan says she learned shortly before her and Harry’s wedding that a British magazine had been preparing a big revelation about her father. So he decided to ask his father if this had spoken to the media.

– He said no. By no means. I said the institution (Hovi) has never intervened in anything for us, but they can try to kill this thing. But if they do this now, we can’t use that privilege again to protect our children one day.

According to Meghan, he tried to get his father to tell the truth and made it clear to him that if he did, he and Harry could help.

“She couldn’t do it,” Meghan says seriously, emphasizing how sad it felt for her, especially as a mother.

According to the Duchess, as a parent, it is completely impossible to imagine doing for herself Archieconsciously to his son something that would cause him pain.

Where Meghan’s Thomas father has openly told his daughter about in the papers is her Doriahis mother remained silent.

– Everyone has a responsibility. They (tabloids) have also chased my mother, but you’ve never heard her say a word. He has remained dignifiedly silent for four years, Meghan notes in a video released by CBS.

Meghan’s sister Samantha Markle, like her father, has also given several interviews about the Duchess to various magazines and claimed to know this well. Markle has also written a terrifying book for her sister, which was said to “reveal everything”.

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Samantha Markle has made public accusations against Meghan that the Duchess has rudely abandoned her family.­

According to Meghan, it is very difficult for such a person to reveal everything that does not know him at all.

– The situation is very different from my father’s. Fraud can only be committed by someone with whom you have some kind of relationship. I don’t feel comfortable talking about people I don’t really know, the Duchess says seriously.

Meghan says she grew up as the only child, without siblings. So, according to him, Samantha was never involved in any way in her life.

– I wished I had siblings. I would have loved the siblings. That is why I am so glad that I’m pregnant, and Archie is going to be someone.

Meghan says she last met Samantha 18 or 19 years ago. At that time, ten years had passed since the previous meeting. According to Meghan, she and Samantha don’t know each other at all.

– He didn’t change his last name back to Markle until he was fifty, when I started dating Harry. I think that says enough.

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