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Medical centers attract vaccinators with discounted offers for antibody-local-health testing

Private hospitals and medical centers in Abu Dhabi have announced offers and discounts on serology testing to detect the presence of antibodies to the Corona virus, in addition to a PCR examination on the occasion of the approaching Spring Break for schools and the desire of many families to travel abroad, while doctors called for limiting the examination of bodies. Antibodies against people who have a doctor’s referral to perform it, to protect some from the phantom feeling of immunity from infection with the Coronavirus that may be caused by their knowledge of the presence of antibodies they have, and they emphasized that the antibodies do not protect against infection with the virus and do not cancel any of the precautionary measures.

In detail, “Emirates Today” monitored advertisements for medical centers announcing the offering of reduced prices for “antibody” and “PCR” tests from March 15 until April 1, to increase the reassurance of families wishing to travel or spend their holidays in hotels and entertainment venues. The prices of the antibody test for those who received the vaccine ranged from 28 days to the date of receiving the second dose from 300 dirhams to 350 dirhams, and it takes seven days for the test result to appear, while the prices for the antibody test for those who received the vaccine ranged between 125 dirhams to 150 dirhams and it takes the results of the examination to appear. Three days, while the price of the PCR examination reached 75 dirhams, in addition to packages for those wishing to leave and return to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which include the three required examinations, which are entry into Abu Dhabi, and the fourth and eighth days.

The antibody test offers are popular among those wishing to travel outside the country, especially since the majority of families did not travel during the winter vacation, as residents stated that these offers help them make a decision to travel to their countries, to spend their annual vacation, especially with the continuation of the second wave of the virus. On the world level, others indicated that the serology test offers meet their need to spend the spring vacation outside Abu Dhabi, and visit relatives and acquaintances in other emirates without fear or anxiety.

While the PCR examination centers’ offers included one examination at a value of 75 dirhams, and reduced packages that include two examinations at a value of 140 dirhams, and three examinations worth 200 dirhams, in addition to booking a promotional offer that includes three examinations, and conducting them at another time according to individual needs.

Doctors in medical centers that provide serology testing, Muhammad Issa, Ayman Marawan, Yasser Maan, Wajida Serraj and Manal Al-Sayed confirmed that community members are keen to take the test and make sure that they have antibodies, and they warned about what they described as the delusional and false feeling that knowledge may cause Some believe that they have antibodies against “Covid-19”, which gives them protection from infection with the “Corona” virus.

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They pointed out that antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system in response to infection or to obtaining a vaccine, and the immune system, which includes a complex network of cells, organs and tissues, identifies foreign substances in the body and helps the body to fight infections and diseases.

On the other hand, the infectious diseases consultant at Khalifa Hospital and Al Rahba Hospital, Dr. Jihad Abdullah, warned that some people would conduct antibody tests without medical guidance. He pointed out that conducting this examination requires making sure that the centers are accredited and their results are monitored by the health authorities, pointing out that some centers have results that do not accurately reflect the immune status.

He pointed out that the antibodies do not protect against infection with “Corona”, nor do they cancel any of the precautionary measures, as these bodies only help to reduce the risk of infection and complications, but the person may be infected and its symptoms are simple, but it may cause the transmission of infection. For others and causing the infection of the most vulnerable groups, complications that may reach death.

A consultant family medicine consultant, Dr. Adel Sigwani, supported him in the opinion that it is not advisable for anyone to undergo an antibody test for “Covid-19” without consulting and supervising a specialist, because these bodies are produced from B cells in the body, explaining that there are two types of immunity in The human body has B immunity, and this type can be examined through antibodies, and T immunity cannot be examined through antibodies, and a person may have immunity to the virus, but his T immunity is not apparent in the antibody test.

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While doctors in the first line of defense, Muhammad Saqr, Mai al-Sayed, and Marwa Mustafa indicated that the body after infection with the virus or after obtaining the second dose of the “Covid-19” vaccine, it can take between two and three weeks to form enough

Antibodies, so that the test can detect them, indicating that the antibody test, also called the serology test, is a blood test.

They emphasized that the antibody test is considered like any other examination, it must be performed by a medical reason determined by the specialist doctor, so it is not recommended to conduct it without a reason, especially since the presence of antibodies does not prevent infection with the Corona virus, as serology tests discover whether the body has formed Any antibodies, but it does not indicate how strong or effective a person’s immune response is.

Doctors indicated the possibility of detecting antibodies in the blood for several months after recovering from “Covid-19”, or after obtaining the vaccine, pointing out that these antibodies may provide some immunity against “Covid-19”, but there is currently no evidence. This is sufficient to know how long these antibodies lasted or how a previous infection helped prevent a person from re-infection.

Immunity to the vaccine

Farida Al Hosani, the media spokesman for the medical sector in the country, stressed the need for everyone to be keen to prevent the transmission of infection in society by adhering to the principle of social responsibility, which in turn calls for adherence to preventive and precautionary measures, noting that the vaccine prepares the body to fight infection from the virus and produce Antibodies to learn how to fight it.

She said during her participation in the periodic media briefing to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the Coronavirus last week: “There are many differences related to the way vaccines are manufactured and stored, but despite these differences, vaccines are similar in stimulating the body and immune cells to produce antibodies, which gives The body needs immunity in the event of exposure to the virus, ”indicating that the level of antibodies may decrease over a period of months, but the immune system also contains special cells called“ memory cells ”, which may retain information about the Corona virus for long periods that may reach years, meaning That these cells can remember the pathogen if the infection is encountered again, and they stimulate the immune system to reproduce the antibodies that fight the virus.

• Doctors: Antibodies do not protect against infection with “Corona” and do not cancel the precautionary measures.

• Consultant: There are centers whose results do not accurately reflect a person’s immune status.

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