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Max Verstappen got hot after a dramatic race – Formula 1

Max Verstappen was already past Lewis Hamilton but had to give up his place.

F1 season 2021 began in the most exciting way possible.

Bahrain saw a fierce race for victory. Prior to the recent show, one has often shone in his absence during the seven-year reign of Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton drove the race to victory. The top spot didn’t come off with the kind of gesture certainty F1 fans have gotten used to.

Red Bullin Max Verstappen struck a strong challenge to the reigning world champion all the way to the very last twists.

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Four rounds before the end was seen as the climate of dramatic competition.

After his depot stop, Hamstton, who had caught Hamilton, reached the overtaking distance on the main line. He tried to get past the exterior, but Hamilton lasted. In the fourth bend, the Dutch pace was too much for the British: Verstappen rose to the top.

However, in his passing, Verstappen drove a bend wide. Shortly thereafter, the Red Bull cannon driving at the tip voluntarily let Hamilton back to the top.

Bahrain the square bend of the track is its most controversial.

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At that point, crossing the boundaries of the track is sometimes strictly controlled, sometimes not.

Hamilton had previously received a warning from the race jury during the race to make the bend wide. He would have been aware of a five-second time penalty for the next track break.

Red Bull wanted to avoid a time penalty, which is why Verstappen let the British back to the top. Although Verstappen remained firmly in Hamilton’s position, his new overtaking attempts no longer worked.

Hamilton won the opening race of the season for the first time in five years.

As the cars returned to the depot area, Verstappen slammed Red Bull’s solution firmly on team radio.

He also referred to the five-second time penalty he would have received from the jury for crossing the track’s boundaries.

– Why didn’t you let me go? I would have gotten the difference of five seconds, yes, Verstappen would have spoken.

– The competition jury gave the order, team manager Christian Horner answered.

Nelosmutkan the boundaries were monitored variably over the race weekend.

In the time trial, several laps were disqualified due to a track violation, but in the race, the drivers were allowed to drive the bend wide for a long time without penalties. Suddenly, in the middle of the race, Hamilton received a warning from the race jury.

– What on earth? I pushed the whole race on the same way, Hamilton hissed team radio time penalty threat.

In the end, it was Verstappen who had to pay a tougher price for pulling the bend wide. He was still optimistic about the direction of the season after the race.

– Of course (losing a profit) is a pity. But the positive side must also be seen. We really can challenge them now, so it’s great to start the season like this.

Dutch teammate Sergio Perezin the driving performance underlined Red Bull’s speed during the race.

The Mexican race started miserably. Perez’s car went off during the warm-up lap, which forced him to start hunting for points from the depot. However, his good racing strategy and excellent car speed propelled him from last place to fifth.

Along with Red Bull and Mercedes, the only driver ahead of Perez was McLaren’s Lando Norris.

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