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Max Verstappen claims to have figured out the plot of the Mercedes F1 team – “Deep down I knew” – Formula 1

Max Verstappen claims that Mercedes-Benz’s F1 team is plotting.

In Bahrain the F1 winter tests run seemed to give promising signals to the series ’challengers.

Mercedes has dominated the going for over seven seasons. Now the stable suffered from several technical problems during the three-day tests, and its drivers were also clearly behind the Red Bull drivers, among others, in the lap times.

Of course, it is clear that each stable runs in tests with different amounts of fuel and tries different things. Still, experts say Red Bull had at least managed to narrow the gap to the top stable.

Red Bullin the first star Max Verstappen underlines that Mercedes is still a clear favorite.

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– Data shows what they do. They drove their fastest laps when they used less power from their engine, and then pulled a couple of slower laps. Then they added power a bit again. So yes they still have a fast car. But since they had little problems, of course they try to make us favorites, Verstappen emphasizes in an interview with Dutch Ziggo Sport According to motorsport.

– When they return to the top of the leaderboards again, they look genius again.

Verstappen recalls several GP weekends last season, when Red Bull was at an excellent pace in Friday’s practice, but on Saturday Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas shook the pile again.

– They did the same last year. On Friday we passed and they announced that yes Red Bull is dangerous. Deep down, I knew it wasn’t. And on Saturday they were at the top again, and I thought oh how wonderful. I don’t see myself as a favorite at all. They have dominated for the last seven years. Even if they had the poorest car floor in the whole series, the car is still good. So Mercedes is a favorite.

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Nonetheless, the Dutchman is pleased with Red Bull’s winter test issue. The truth will come to light later, but the overall situation for Red Bull looks good.

The team’s total stake is expected to solidify further after Verstappen is left behind Alex Albon was replaced With Sergio Perez. The Mexican seemed to be at a good pace in the winter tests compared to Verstappen.

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