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Marta Larralde, a runner actress with a thousand stories to tell (one of them in Hollywood)

Friday, March 26, 2021 – 01:30

Marta Larralde stars alongside Guillem Jimnez Oblivion and Len, a family melodrama that recovers the same characters that the film presented Len and Oblivion in 2004

Marta Larralde in the presentation of ‘Olvido y Len’. Photo: Nacho Lpez.

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Marta Larralde is an actress (Vigo, 1981) who, on the verge of brand new on March 26 in cinemas the movie Oblivion and Len, could tell a thousand and one anecdotes. And they are all very interesting.

Intrprete, runner, mother, passionate about Yoga, assistant to Fernando Len de Aranoa in Mondays in the sun… and even an actress (and sound engineer) in a ad shot next to the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

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Guillem Jim
Guillem Jimnez and Marta Larralde star in ‘Olvido y Len’.

Now, Marta Larralde presents Oblivion and Len (from March 26 in theaters), a drama that continues 15 years later the story of Len and Oblivion (2004), with the same director (Xavier Bermdez) and the same co-star: Guillem Jimnez.

About Jimnez, who died just a few weeks ago, the Galician actress has words of great affection: “I have remembered a lot about what we lived in 2004. As soon as Guillem and I saw each other, an incredible spark arose between us and we understood each other very well. We feel like brothers and that translates on a personal level. Some time after that filming, I would go to his house in Barcelona or Guillem would stay at mine in Vigo. He really liked talking to my mother! ”


Oblivion and Len tells the story of Olvido (Larralde) and Len (Guillem Jimnez), two brothers who face problems together such as paying the rent for their house, her search for a job or his attempts to find a girlfriend.

A publication
A recent post by Larralde on his Instagram profile. (@lalarralde)

Len, who has Down syndrome, supports her sister at all times with every problem that arises in her life. “If this film has been made, it is at the insistence of Guillem, who always wanted there to be a second part. I gave up years ago, but his perseverance in trying to recover the story and repeat with the same team has resulted in this premiere” .

Marta Larralde I studied Image and Sound before engaging in interpreting professionally. And, because of those teachings, he has had two very unique experiences that demonstrate his versatility and that anything is possible.

The first, like assistant director of Fernando Len de Aranoa in Mondays in the sun. “He took the actors to make-up, controlled the times, cut traffic … Javier Bardem, who did not stop encouraging me to finally switch to interpretation. Javier told me over and over again: ‘Stop being an auxiliary. You have to go to Madrid, study at Corazza’s school and be an actress. ‘ I listened to him and then we agreed Out to sea“.

Marta Larralde and Javier Rey in 'Fari
Marta Larralde and Javier Rey in ‘Faria’.


The second of the many unique experiences lived by Marta Larralde (who has appeared in series like Great Hotel The Faria and in movies like The beach of the drowned The Offering to the storm) is related to the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. There he placed himself at the command of The story of Tarantino, famous jewelry designer who has nothing to do with the famous movie director but is very connected with many movie stars.

Marta Larralde worked twice for Tarina in 2007. “At first I was going to be in charge of the sound in an advertisement. But Tarina’s husband, director, found out that I was an actress in Spain and he told me to participate as an interpreter. We shot next to the Hollywood sign and Ileana Douglas was also, an actress who had been in New York Stories and in One of ours“.

Marta Larralde participates
Marta Larralde participated in the adaptation to the cinema of the ‘Triloga del Baztn’.

Going back to the premiere of Oblivion and Len, Marta Larralde is clear when talking about the themes that this drama, full of very emotional moments, touches: “the center of the story is a complex relationship between two brothers. issues such as suicide, lack of empathy, machismo at work are discussed, the current role of politicians or Down syndrome. Len and Oblivion, which we shot in 2004, was the first Spanish film that featured a protagonist with Down syndrome. That fills me with pride because many people felt very identified with what we had. On that occasion and now too, does not throw a paternalistic look towards those with Down syndrome. Len has always come off as someone who wants to work, live his life, love, have sex, and have fun. “


Addicted to sports, Larralde (who now has in Cuatro the series Charon) was part of the Celta de Vigo athletics club. Y has come to prepare a triathlon and participate in a half marathon running with her baby in a stroller.

“Quiz resume running sometime”, seala. “Now I’ve totally switched to yoga. I have always practiced it but now I have embraced it very strongly. It keeps my mind clear, strong, fit and makes me feel more at peace and no longer overwhelmed with work. We must have faith”.

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