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Home Business Maroto: "Ayuso's call for everyone to come to Madrid has its consequences"
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Maroto: “Ayuso’s call for everyone to come to Madrid has its consequences”


The Minister of Tourism believes that the Community must ensure that the rules are met

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Reyes Maroto
Tourism is fully on the campaign trail. The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, pointed out this Tuesday that the calls of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, for “everyone to come to Madrid, has its consequences “in a greater influx of people, and has demanded that “guarantee security conditions” in the community.

“It is not an element of lack of security at airports, as indicated by the Community or the City Council. It is a call that the Community of Madrid has made for people to come“, said Maroto in an interview in Las Maanas de RNE collected by Europa Press agency.

Border management has been the subject of controversy since the start of the pandemic. Already in June of last year, when after the months of confinement these were opened to the rest of the countries, Ayuso criticized that the Barajas airport was “a drain” of contagions. That this Easter the arrival of foreigners is allowed and the Spaniards cannot move between provinces is also being controversial.

Just like the fact that the arrival of French people in Madrid has skyrocketed, taking advantage of the fact that the restrictions are much lower than in their country and than in other communities. Madrid was, in fact, the community with the most visits in February, something that is unusual at this time of year (before the pandemic, the main destinations used to be Catalonia and Andalusia).


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Isabel Daz Ayuso has denied that there is drunken tourism among the French in the Community of Madrid. Maroto has insisted in the aforementioned interview in RNE that “the Government of Spain has done its homework” and has recommended to the countries with which they maintain openness that trips be reduced to the strictly essential.

“What we are seeing in Madrid is not being seen in other places that are also very touristy, such as Barcelona or Seville,” said the minister, who believes that the Community has encouraged these trips and now “it has to guarantee the fulfillment of the restrictions and of the socio-sanitary conditions”.

The Government has increased some of the current restrictions, and also asks PCR to the French to come by road for example (until now only those who arrived by sea and air were asked).

Facing summer, Maroto believes that the digital vaccination certificate, which will foreseeably be ready in June, allow to reactivate mobility and has indicated that the Government works with the British authorities, the main source market for tourists to Spain, so that its citizens can visit the national territory this summer in safe conditions.

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