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Home Sport Marcus Nyman won Grand Slam competition in judo - approaching Olympic place
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Marcus Nyman won Grand Slam competition in judo – approaching Olympic place

Marcus Nyman faced the Italian Nicholas Mungai in the final.

There it was a victory for Nyman, who previously won two Grand-Slam competitions. He also has a fifth place in the Rio Olympics 2016 on the merit list.

– Of course it feels good to win. I felt I got off to a slow start in the tournament but it just got better and better. In the final, I just gave everything I had, says Marcus Nyman to SVT Sport.

– I hope that I can continue to deliver good results and get in shape before an Olympics, he says.

The victory means that Nyman takes important Olympic qualifying points and is well on his way to securing an Olympic place, with a few competitions left in the season.

– Winning a gold always feels a little extra. Now he is pulling against the competitors he has behind him, he has made a good Olympic qualifier, says national team captain Robert Eriksson to SVT Sport.

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Joakim Dvärby faced the Belgian Toma Nikiforov in a match for the bronze in the under 100 kg class. Once there, however, it was a loss for 32-year-old Dvärby who gets a tougher road to the Olympics.

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