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Marcus Forss and Robert Ivanov hope for a show in Huhkaji – “I know I’m coming from outside the group” – Huhkajat

Marcus Forssin’s A national team debut brought the goal to the French net, the playing time would be valid in the Swiss match on Wednesday as well.

In Poland a topper who got in a good mood Robert Ivanov hopes to get a display when the men ‘s national football team plays a national match against Switzerland in St. Gallen on Wednesday. The defense has injuries, and the head coach Markku Kanerva is likely to rest at least some of the key men after two World Cup qualifiers.

– The goal is to give such evidence that Marku (Kanerva) will have a headache, Ivanov said in a team interview from Switzerland.

The Swiss match is Finland’s last before the European Championship selections. At the beginning of June, Finland will face Estonia about a week before the historic opening of the European Championships on 12 June.

Ivanov, 26, has played in his career in only two Owl Winter matches two years ago.

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– I realize I’m coming from outside the group, and there are injuries on the team. My strength is that I can play on the defensive line anywhere, Ivanov said.

– Finland’s defense looks clear. Few goals have been scored against Finland recently, Ivanov said.

Among other things, the brothers are missing from the defense Leo Väisänen and Sauli Väisänen. On Sunday, against Ukraine, Finland played on the line of five defenders, and Albin Granlund injured. Granlund suffered a mild concussion and will be replaced by a crew Thomas Lam.

Ivanov on had a great time with the Owls during the March camp and game period. And why not feel comfortable when you can train and prepare for matches with the best players in Finland.

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– I have been well received. There are no cups in the team, but you can go to any table to eat, Ivanov described.

Robert Ivanov played in Hong Kong, Espoo, in 2016–2020 before moving to Warta Poznan, Poland.­

Ivanov, who grew up in eastern Helsinki, has represented Warta Poznan at the club level since the autumn. The Polish runner-up has exceeded expectations, and Ivanov, who made his debut in the domestic league at the age of 23, has received commendable playing time.

– The jump to the Polish series has seemed logical, and I don’t feel like I’m on the upper limits of my game level, Ivanov said and described being a 197-centimeter to benefit the team, especially in the main balls.

He considers Wednesday’s opponent Switzerland to be ideal, as a tough team will force Huuhkajat to his best as well. Switzerland has started the World Cup qualifiers with two wins. Ivanov brought up a Swiss crew player playing in Liverpool Zherdan Shaqirin and his own favorite club, Arsenal Granite Xhakan.

Marcus Forss, 21, made his debut on the A national team last November against world champion France, scoring a goal in his debut. He competes on the national team for playing time against a tough opponent, for Teemu Pukin skipping is tricky. In the Swiss match, Pukki is still squatting.

Marcus Forss started his A-national team career in the fall with great success.­

Also on the club team, the English Championship Brentford, Forss ’minutes of play have been short and he has usually gotten on the field in the final minutes of matches. The situation is annoying to Finns.

– You have to find a place where you get playing time, Forss said, although he estimates that the competition will be good for him as well.

Forss said he gained a big dose of self-confidence from the success of the French game.

– It was nice to start the national team career with a goal, and still against France, Forss recalled.

Although he is a striker and a scorer, investing in the defense of the entire team is key in Huuhkaji.

– The joint defense has made Huuhkaji a great team, Forss stated.

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