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March gives way to an unstable Easter with forecast of rains in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands

The high temperatures are a preview of an irregular Easter, which could be complicated on public holidays

A couple strolls along a Canarian beach in bad weather

March says goodbye with dry and sunny weather in most of the country, with high temperatures more typical of May -up to 10 degrees above normal at this time- anticipation of an irregular Easter, to start calmly but could get complicated on holidays.

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According to Rubón del Campo, spokesperson for Aemet, Spain is under the effects of an anticyclone that gives us high temperatures for the time, especially in the Canary archipelago, where the warm winds from Africa have raised the thermometers. above 30 degrees in Fuerteventura and 34.2 degrees in the Aldea de San Nicols (Gran Canaria) “very high and infrequent values ​​in March in Spain”.

In addition, the African winds have dragged suspended dust that has caused haze in the Canary Islands, a situation that will continue this Friday but will disappear because the wind will continue to blow strongly while temperatures they will go down but they will remain high for this time.

With regard to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, this Friday will be a quiet day in terms of meteorology, with skies generally slightly cloudy except for the Cantabrian, where from noon some drizzle may fall that will be a little more intense in mountain areas of the extreme north.

Temperatures drop

In the afternoon it is expected that cloud cover will increase in mountain areas of the northern half and central area, without ruling out some weak downpours and it is possible that there is haze in parts of the Peninsula due to the African dust in suspension that now affects the Canary Islands and that could persist in the following days, worsening the air quality.

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Temperatures drop this Friday in the northwest and remain stable in the rest, being able to exceed 25 degrees again in the southeast and the Guadalquivir valley.

Looking to the weekend, some instability is expected in the Canary Islands due to a storm that leaves rains and showers on the islands of greater relief, where they could be locally intense or persistent.

In the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, the stable weather will continue, with slightly cloudy skies in general but with some clouds in the Mediterranean area that could cause weak rains in parts of the Valencian community and southern Andalusia and it is possible that in the afternoon clouds of evolution will grow that end in locally stormy showers, especially in mountain areas of the interior of the peninsula and in their vicinity.

Temperatures rise tomorrow Saturday in the west of the Peninsula and they descend on the Mediterranean slope due to the arrival of fresh wind from the sea.

Sunday “May”

For Sunday 28 the Aemet forecasts a notable rise in temperatures in the northern third of the peninsula, with values ​​of up to 10 degrees more than the previous day in points of the eastern Cantabrian Sea and temperatures “more own of May than in March “, between 5 and 10 degrees on average higher than usual in much of the north and west of the peninsula.

The last day of the week is only expected a little cooler on the Mediterranean coast, but it is very likely that 27 or 28 degrees will be reached in points of the Guadalquivir valley and that there are around 25 in the interior of Galicia, eastern Cantbrico, the Ebro valley and points of the southern Meseta.

As for Easter, the forecasts of the Aemet, still with “some uncertainty”, are high temperatures for the time of the year between Monday and Wednesday, with showers in the Canary Islands and scattered points of the interior of the peninsula and a significant change in the weather starting on Holy Thursday, when temperatures will drop and the rains will reach large areas of the country.

The first three days of the week an anticyclone will cause temperatures to increase progressively and especially the maximums to be high for the time, with values ​​that will remain between 5 and 10 degrees above normal even in the north and that will what 20 degrees are exceeded in many places in Spain and 25 degrees in the interior of Galicia, eastern Cantbrico, Ebro valley, interior of Catalua, central zone and a good part of the southern half.

Rainfall in the Canary Islands

It is possible that in the first half of Holy Week they touch or reach the first 30 degrees of temperature this year in the Peninsula in southern Galicia, Extremadura and Andalusia and that rainfall is limited only to the Canary Islands, although weaker and more dispersed than in previous days.

In the rest of Spain evolution clouds will form that can give rise to showers in areas of the southeast and mountain points but will be “typical spring showers” that locally they can be intense and be accompanied by storms and it is not ruled out that cloudiness increases and rains in the northwest, as an advance of the expected worsening as of Holy Thursday.

From that day on, and although with a high margin of uncertainty, a storm is likely to cause a notable drop in thermometers, more pronounced in the northern half, where night frosts could return and not exceed 10 or 15 degrees by day, accompanied by strong winds.

The forecasts of the Aemet point to the fact that on Easter holidays it could rain in a good part of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, at first especially in the western half and the northern third, but then the rains will spread to the Mediterranean as the weekend approaches.

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