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Manuel Valls “thinks with a little concern” of the third referendum in No

The former Prime Minister publishes a book in which he reviews his career and his convictions. He devotes a chapter to New Caledonia, reaffirming that he “do not want independence“and said”a little worried“as to the third referendum scheduled for 2022.
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Not a drop of French blood“is the title of the book by Manuel Valls, which appears this week by Grasset. A work in which the former Prime Minister looks back on his career, three years after his departure to Barcelona, ​​Spain. He declares his love there. visceral of France, without excluding a return to politics: “I became old. I have learned. I have the experience of power, of success, of fall, of rejection. And if one day I could be of service, under certain conditions, on whose behalf would I refuse it?“.

Against the independence of Caledonia

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A chapter of a few pages is devoted to New Caledonia. Unsurprisingly, the former Prime Minister, who was also in 2017 and 2018, president of the parliamentary mission on the future of New Caledonia, reiterates his wish to see New Caledonia remain French. He uses words and arguments that Emmanuel Macron himself used in 2018:

I do not want the independence of New Caledonia. It seems to me that France would be less beautiful, less strong without its archipelago; Moreover, I remain convinced that the metropolis is helping Caledonians to resist an increasingly enterprising China, which is trying to extend its area of ​​influence to the entire Pacific.

Manuel Valls

The former Socialist Prime Minister (who joined LREM in the National Assembly between 2017 and 2018, before leaving his mandate) had already spoken in favor of maintaining Caledonia in France. It was in February 2018, during a debate at the Congress of New Caledonia:

At the time, this declaration was denounced by the separatists.

The third referendum

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Regarding the third referendum, in 2022, Manuel Valls explains: “I think about it with a little concern … Whatever happens, we must move forward, not deny anything of this tormented past, but look to the future, build together“.

From 1988 to 2017

Manuel Valls discusses the “special place occupied by New Caledonia“, in the Overseas Territories, but also in his political career. His first memory dates back to 1988, after the Matignon Accords signed under the aegis of Michel Rocard. While he was a young adviser at Matignon, he explained that he was associated in a particular way with the preparation of the referendum which ratified the agreements: “Benjamin from the team, I was dispatched by the Prime Minister’s chief of staff to transfer a bag of banknotes taken from secret funds to a Paris office to finance the referendum campaign … Other times, other customs“, he concludes.

In 2014, appointed Prime Minister, he participated in the meetings of the Committee of the signatories of the Nouméa Accord, and explained that he “establishes with all the actors, separatists and non-separatists, a direct relationship of trust“. He finally mentions his trip to Caledonia, in 2017, as president of the parliamentary mission:”I take more time to listen to the new political generation, to deepen my knowledge of the reality of the island. I discover that I am very deeply attached to it. How not to be captivated by its history, its landscapes, its traditions, its customs, by Melanesian songs?


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