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Manny Muscle and Mandela Zon to cash victories in Solvalla – Ravit

Manny Muscle, who earned more than SEK 1 million at the age of 3 but was left without a big race win, opened his 4-year season with a stylish win on Saturday in Solvalla. Margeta output returned from a four and a half months after a break Reijo Liljendahl the trained stallion immediately got to the bow in acceleration and held Erik Adielsson driven by his peers certainly in control until the finish.Hannu and Mikko Laakkonen raised and owned by Manny Muscle, the opening profit for the period was offset by SEK 300,000, or about EUR 29,500, over a period of 13.2a / 2140 meters. Petri Salmelan stable Hector Sisu followed second.

– The feel of the button was good even before the opening start, but of course you can’t know exactly the situation of the horse. At times, it was a little too fleeting. If the horse is doing well, next up is Kungapokalen, Liljendahl planned in an ATG Live interview.

Mandela Zon of Korvi team received the award for his strong start in the Klass II final at the beginning of the year. The stallion, which skimmed the initial journey alongside the leader, received traction at the halfway point and Janne Korven the driver loaded straight into the winner. First place was worth SEK 220,000, or about EUR 21,500, and came in a record time of 13.6a / 2140 meters.

– I wanted to give it nice runs in previous starts and today it paid back, Korpi rejoiced Reima Kuisla owned by a 4-year-old.

The victory in the silver final went to Timo Nurmos to the stable when Claes Sjöström was squeezed by Global Undecided driven by the number one leader.

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Disco Volante dominated the gold division final, which ended the round from the bow. Antonio Trot from Nurmos rose to second place from behind.

Jorma Kontio in Margareta departures before 75 destinations drove Nurmos coached Marion Fouty Bon to an easy victory in the 4-year-old mares race. Salmela’s Backwood’s Boogie came second in the start of the year.

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