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Magnus can not get up after covid-19 – follow him on a rehab session

At Christmas, the priest Magnus Hedqvist and his family fell ill with the coronavirus. The other family members recovered after a week of illness, but Magnus only got worse. Chronic kidney failure is thought to be the underlying factor as to why Magnus became so ill in covid-19.

After a period of illness, Magnus was eventually admitted to the IVA ward in Växjö. There he received oxygen while lying asleep.

– I have no memories from that time. I was asleep for a couple of weeks, he says.

Exercise every day

In total, Magnus Hedqvist has been bedridden for just over two months. The muscle mass in the legs has withered and the slightest movement is now an effort. Fitness and lung training are on the schedule of the physiotherapist. Every weekday he has scheduled rehabilitation, and on the weekends he gets to train himself.

– Eating, typing on the computer, yes everything becomes small training moments for me, says Magnus Hedqvist.

Wants to be able to get up

At the moment, Magnus manages to get up for half a minute, then he has to sit down again. The primary goal he set together with the physiotherapist is to be able to get up on his own.

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– The legs are like bamboo sticks, there is almost nothing left, says Magnus Hedqvist.

Time for recovery

The rehabilitation methods are not new for covid-19, but are the same as used for other diseases. The focus is on gradually strengthening the body between workouts.

– You can not push on the body, but you must have time for recovery both during and after training, says physiotherapist Hanna Brännström.

In the clip, you get to follow one of Magnus’ rehab sessions

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