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Magazines: New York’s uprising governor conducts corona tests at home for loved ones – at the same time, ordinary citizens suffer from a shortage of tests – Abroad

According to newspaper allegations, Andrew Cuomo’s relatives and acquaintances got to the tests last spring, when it was difficult for ordinary citizens to get tested due to lack of resources.

Scandinavian New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo provided special access for its family members and other well-networked people to coronavirus tests by the state and sent a doctor and other state health officials to their homes last spring, Washington Post news.

At the time, it was difficult for ordinary citizens to access tests at all due to a lack of testing and resources.

The magazine says it received information from three people who have information about Cuomo’s operations.

One of the benefits was Cuomo’s brother, CNN’s anchor Chris Cuomo, which was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection in March 2020. According to the Washington Post, Chris Cuomon was tested by a New York State Department of Health doctor who visited his home.

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Albany Times-Union was the first to report that health officials were instructed to prioritize testing Cuomo relatives. According to the magazine, Cuomo’s mother and at least one of her sisters were also tested, some several times.

“If their job was to go do a test on an old woman in New Rochelle, it’s a different matter – it’s actually good,” one of the magazine’s sources said.

– That wasn’t the point.

State laws prohibit officials from taking advantage of their position to obtain “privileges or exemptions” for themselves or others. Attempting to take advantage of official status is also prohibited by law.

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Adviser to the Cuomo administration Richard Azzopardi denied that the Cuomo had sought to exploit its position for the benefit of its family and acquaintances.

“In the early stages of the pandemic, with a lot of emphasis on contact tracing, we did everything we could to get people tested,” Azzopardi said New York Times by.

According to him, this involved “in some cases, going to people’s homes – and going door to door in places like New Roche – to take samples from those who believed they had been exposed to the coronavirus to identify cases of the disease.”

– Among those helped were members of the public such as lawmakers, journalists, state employees and their family members who feared being infected and could spread it further.

Several Democratic decision-makers have also called for Cuomo to resign. The governor found himself in the middle of a nursing home scandal early in the year. At the time, it turned out that those who received the coronavirus in nursing homes and later died in hospitals were only recorded as hospital deaths. Thus, the true extent of the epidemic in nursing homes was left in the dark. A Cuomo assistant is said to have admitted that coronary mortality figures were withheld.

Since then, several women have accused Cuomo of harassment and a colleague of harassment.

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