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Magali Blandin’s husband “coldly elaborated on the assassination”, according to the family lawyer

Jérôme Gaillard, husband of Magali Blandin, “coldly elaborated the disappearance and the murder of his wife”, declared Tuesday the lawyer of the family of this mother of four children whose body was found Saturday. According to the prosecution, a “criminal conspiracy” to eliminate him began in November 2020.

Magali Blandin’s body was found on Saturday morning, more than a month after his disappearance. Her husband had just confessed to having killed her with a baseball bat, against the backdrop of a “criminal conspiracy”. “My clients put forward, from the start of the investigation and the disappearance of their daughter and sister, the hypothesis of the intervention of a third party and particularly that of Jérôme Gaillard”, recalled the lawyer of the family, me William Pineau, at the microphone of Europe 1.

According to the prosecution, a “criminal conspiracy” to eliminate the mother began in November 2020 between the husband and Georgian relations, to whom he paid 20,000 euros to execute his wife. The husband “at length and meticulously organized the execution of his wife,” said the lawyer.

“A murderer who coldly elaborated on the disappearance of his wife”

In September 2020, Magali Blandin had filed a complaint for domestic violence. This had been closed without follow-up. But for William Pinneau, it would be “too simple to reduce the subject to that”. “It would be doing a lot of grace to Jérôme Gaillard to suggest that he would be a violent man under the blows of which the woman would have fallen after yet another session of violence. He is not a violent and angry man, which would already be terrible and unbearable, it is a murderer who coldly elaborated the disappearance and the assassination of his wife. It is not quite the same thing “, underlines it.

The lawyer also recalled that the Rennes prosecutor’s office was “not suspected of softness” in matters of criminal policy relating to domestic violence. “It is not for me to say whether the filing of this complaint was an error. My clients have no comment on this, considering that this is not quite the problem with this file.”

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