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Maduro responds to the blockade of Facebook by ‘fake news’ of the Covid: “We face a laboratory of lies against Venezuela”


At the center of the controversy are the “miraculous goths”, a medical compound called Carvativir, which according to Chavista propaganda cures the coronavirus

Nicols Maduro at a press conference in Caracas.REUTERS
  • Venezuela Nicols Maduro presents Carvativir, “miraculous” drops that “neutralize” Covid-19

Facebook today decided to block the account of Nicols Maduro, given the misinformation related to the Covid that the Chavista leader is used to displaying on this social network. “Due to repeated violations of our rules, we lock the page for 30 days during which it will only be in reading mode, “said a company spokesman to the AFP agency. With this decision, Facebook claims to support the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

At the center of the controversy are the “miraculous gothic” of the blessed Jos Gregorio Hernndez, a medical compound called Carvativir, which according to Chavista propaganda cures the coronavirus, despite the fact that no scientific study supports such a claim.

In a conference will zoom held today between the vice president Delcy Rodrguez and the director of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, Maduro’s right-hand man insisted on “the progress of the clinical trials of Carvativir and other antivirals under study in our country. From Venezuela we join this tough battle for the worst pandemic that humanity has known.”

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Jos Gregorio Hernndez, known as the “village doctor”, be beatified next month. His “miraculous gothic” are applied in medical centers and even in prisons, as confirmed by a video published yesterday by the Secretary of Citizen Security in Caraballeda, near Caracas. An official, suspecting positive cases among the prisoners, distributes the drops of Carvativir in a cell packed with prisoners. “Do you know carvativir? Starting today we are going to give you 15 drops a day”The policeman announced to the prisoners, who were not even wearing masks.

Mature, what has promoted from the malojillo t even Cuban antivirals, blames the “meditica scoundrel” for their problems on social media: “Every day we face a laboratory of lies, a permanent campaign through the RRSS against Venezuela. We are going to prepare content to fight the daily battle for the truth, in order to continue to gain space for justice and the truth of the peoples. ”

Maduro’s punishment comes at one of the worst moments of the pandemic in Venezuela, after the Bolivarian government rejected the 12 million AstraZeneca vaccines, included in the WHO Covax Mechanism, which were managed by the Presidency in charge with the blocked funds. in United States. Maduro’s geostrategic bet is on Russian, Chinese and Cuban vaccines, which despite being still in the experimental phase were promised to vaccinate the population since July.

In just 72 hours, 14 members of the medical staff have died in the country, bringing the total number of deaths in this sector to close to 400, one of the worst statistics on the planet. Doctors, nurses and the rest of the staff they still await the second dose of Sputnik-V, although a significant percentage have not even received the first. Neither the elderly nor the vulnerable have received the first dose, in contrast to the Chavista leaders, vaccinated by presidential order.

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The country faces the worst moment of the pandemic in the midst of controversy and without a single improvement in its hospitals, cracked by the revolutionary collapse. “We have been denouncing the hospital collapse, which continues to deepen due to the shortage of personnel that the health centers are presenting, “recalled Ana Rosario Contreras, president of the College of Nurses of Caracas.

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