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Madagascar finally decides to use the vaccine

“After a few weeks of ‘procrastination ‘ and D”observation’, the State has finally given the green light for the use of vaccination in the fight against Covid-19 “, remarks Madagacar Tribune. After a consultation between the members of the National Academy of Medicine of Madagascar and the Head of State Andry Rajoelina, the Malagasy government has finally decided to use the vaccine, without abandoning the local anti-Covid remedy, the Covid Organics. (CVO), according to the press release from the presidency of the Malagasy Republic. Vaccination, however, remains optional: “It was decided that taking the vaccine is a choice and should not be mandatory”, indicates the press release.

The Malagasy state maintains the use of the local anti-covid remedy, Covid Organics, in curative and preventive treatments for the pandemic. A use against which the WHO warned last May, stressing that to date no scientific study has proven its effectiveness. On Saturday March 20, the Madagascan president was still hesitant in his televised intervention, indicating that he and his family did not intend to be vaccinated, and still prefer to trust Covid Organics. And to respond to criticism from his opponents about his reluctance to order vaccines, he curtly offered them to serve as guinea pigs.

“If we order a vaccine, we will first test it on the opposition”

André Rajoelina, President of Madagascar

to the AFP

Amnesty International denounced on March 20 an attack on the rights of Malagasy people to benefit from the best possible care. As most countries scramble to get vaccines “validated by the WHO”, the Malagasy government “recommends a herbal treatment that he calls ‘miracle cure’, denounces the NGO in a press release, while“no element allows us to think” what CVO “is effective in preventing Covid-19 infections”. The NGO also claims that the lack of vaccines plunges many Malagasy “in despair“, even if few express it “because of the climate of fear instilled over the past year, marked by a hardening of the repression of critical voices”.

President Rajoelina informed that his country was entering a second wave of infections, adding that the South African variant of the virus was present in the island. In the last month, Madagascar officially recorded 2,483 new cases of coronavirus and 45 deaths, said the head of state, saying that these figures had not “nothing to worry about”.

Madagascar had proceeded from April 2020 to a free distribution with great fanfare of the anti-Covid herbal tea, which was interrupted at the end of confinement in October. Monday, March 22, the president promises to distribute it again for free in the neighborhoods most affected by the pandemic. In one year, the country has recorded more than 23,000 cases and 360 deaths for 25 million inhabitants.

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