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Macron persists in his strategy but evokes “new measures” in France

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                Increasingly under pressure, French President Emmanuel Macron justified his health strategy at the end of a European Council on Thursday March 25.  The French president took the opportunity to defend his choice not to re-confine the country more strictly, but prepared the French for " <em>new measures</em> », While trying to give a positive outlook.

                                    <p><span><span><span><span><span>Hospitals are calling for help, but Emmanuel Macron defends his choices tooth and nail, in particular <strong>that of not reconfining the country in January</strong>. «</span></span></span></span></span> <span><span><span><span><span><em>We were right not to confine France at the end of January, because there was not the explosion that was expected by all the models</em>. <em>I can tell you there, this time, that I have no </em>MEA culpa<em> to do, no remorse, no failure.  We were right to do so.</em></span></span></span></span></span> <span><span><span><span><span>»</span></span></span></span></span>

If the French president does not let go, it is because at one year of the presidential election, he is playing big on this choice, this bet as much health as political not to reconfine. To withdraw, it would be an admission of failure of this “ third way Which he defends against the advice of scientists. More than ever, his lifeline is vaccination. A campaign that takes off in the spring could make people forget the current health explosion. In any case, this is what he hopes.

Difficult weeks

Despite everything, Emmanuel Macron is preparing minds for the next difficult weeks: ” I have no taboos As if to imply that he won’t be stubborn if the situation gets worse. ” No doubt, in the next few days, the next weeks, we will have new measures to take, says the head of state. We will take them all together in the light of the facts, by being transparent, we will do it in real time. But I also want to give you, not a glimmer of hope but a reasonable prospect of hope, it is that thanks to the vaccination that we are going to deploy, we have safer course than a few months ago. »

The first of these is around April 20, when ten million French people will have been vaccinated, according to him. Emmanuel Macron thinks that Europe could achieve collective immunity this summer.

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The epidemic once again affects the executive: the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot, 74, hospitalized and victim of breathing difficulties, had to be placed under “ enhanced oxygen therapy “. Her colleague from Work Élisabeth Borne was able to go out this week.

Situation « extremely worrying »

Thursday March 25, visiting Melun hospital, Jean Castex judged the situation ” extremely worrying » due to the British variant. This especially in Île-de-France, where the incidence rate is close to 600 per 100 000 and where 1 410 patients are in intensive care, 300 more than in the second wave.

Sign of a tense situation, Jean Castex canceled a trip Friday morning March 26 in the Channel to boarding schools of excellence. Instead, he will conduct a further meeting with the prefects and directors general of the ARS of the 19 departments affected by the new restrictions.

Dressed in a black suit, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran darkly announced that 80 % of operations deprogramming would be “ without a doubt »Necessary in Ile-de-France hospitals in order to increase resuscitation capacity to 2 250. These services welcome increasingly young people with serious illnesses.

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While asserting that the “ trend is not good “, The Minister of Health argued that it was” too early ” to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures in force since last weekend. In the meantime, he only announced the extension of measures of ” reinforced braking »To three departments: Rhône, Aube and Nièvre.

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