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Macron announced a “new type of war” over the vaccines of Russia and China – RT in Russian

French President Emmanuel Macron announced a “new type of war” associated, in his opinion, with the attempts of Russia and China to “influence” with the help of vaccines against the coronavirus. He also announced Europe’s plans to become the first in vaccine production. Against this background, the incidence continues to grow in the EU, lockdowns are extended. Experts pointed out the inadmissibility of the French leader’s statements about drugs against coronavirus. At the same time, the Kremlin stressed that Russia does not agree with the statement that Moscow and Beijing are using the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine issues as a kind of instrument of influence.

French President Emmanuel Macron believes that Europe is facing a “new type of world war.” As Le Figaro writes, the French leader made the corresponding statement during a press conference at which he spoke about the issues of vaccination against COVID-19.

“We are faced with a new type of world war due to attacks and the desire of Russia and China to influence with the help of vaccines. Against this background, we must be sovereign. We have created the ability to produce (vaccine. – RT). We are in the process of creating the capacity to produce second-generation vaccines, ”the publication quotes Macron.

He also announced European plans to become # 1 in vaccine production. “By summer, we want to be the world’s largest vaccine-producing continent. This will allow us to guarantee the supply of vaccines and meet this long-term challenge, which is a pandemic, ”said Macron.

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Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov announced Moscow’s disagreement with the position indicated by Macron on the “war” over vaccines produced in the Russian Federation and China.

“We absolutely do not agree that Russia or China is waging some kind of ‘war’, and we absolutely do not agree that Russia or China is using the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine issues as a kind of instrument of influence,” Peskov said.

As the presidential press secretary noted, Russia is a responsible member of the international community.

“The level of responsibility of all participants in the international community is best demonstrated in such difficult days and years of a pandemic, as we are experiencing with all of humanity now,” concluded Peskov.

He also stressed that Russia was the first country to complete the development and production of a vaccine. Along with this, Peskov recalled that Russia is increasing the pace of production of drugs in order to complete the vaccination of its population and at the same time doing everything possible to respond to international demand for its vaccine in the foreseeable future.

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“Russia has never had any aspirations to politicize vaccines or use the vaccine as an instrument of influence, and never will,” he concluded.

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Vladimir Shapovalov, deputy director of the Institute of History and Politics at Moscow State Pedagogical University, drew attention to the formulations used by Macron about “war”.

“Very strange and, I would even say, cynical, are the words of the French president who compares the actions of Russia and China with the war, and, consequently, he compares the vaccine with military weapons? Does he equate a vaccine that brings health to people with a method of warfare? It seems to me that this is beyond reason, “the expert said in an interview with RT.

Along with this, Shapovalov noted the fact that Russia’s actions turned out to be significantly more effective compared to France and a number of other European states in the fight against coronavirus. He also said that Macron’s words about the development of vaccine production also indicate gaps in management decisions of European leaders.

“In fact, Macron stated the fact that Europe, unlike Russia or China, is not able to ensure the safety of its citizens … This is really a reality, everything else is nothing more than not very successful propaganda clichés,” the expert concluded.

Vladimir Olenchenko, senior researcher at the Center for European Studies, IMEMO RAS, in turn, called Macron’s words a distortion of reality.

“A pandemic is a test for all mankind, in my opinion, and the desire of countries to ensure the survival of their populations, to ensure a normal lifestyle is a natural movement, and calling it a world war is probably a strong distortion,” the expert told RT.

In Europe, a difficult situation with regard to the incidence of coronavirus remains. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over the previous day, more than 256 thousand cases of coronavirus were recorded in European countries, which is the highest figure since January.

In European countries, the existing and new restrictive measures are being extended. In particular, on the eve of the German authorities decided to extend the lockdown in the country until April 18. In Poland, the current regime of restrictions is being tightened. Almost all public places in the country will be closed for a period until April 9.

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The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the European Union is at the beginning of the third wave of the spread of the coronavirus. According to her, the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the EU countries “causes serious concern.”

At the same time, a few days ago, the European Commission said that the goals of ensuring timely access to vaccines against coronavirus for EU citizens are still not being achieved.

The EC said in a statement that in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to amend the current distribution mechanism. In addition, it is reported that the principles of reciprocity and proportionality are needed to ensure timely access to vaccines.

Against this background, it became known that European Commissioner Thierry Breton refused to grant permission for the use of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. As Le Figaro writes, Breton said the EU has absolutely nothing to reproach itself with.

As the newspaper writes, this step speaks of an ideological approach that rises above the pragmatism and health of the European population.

According to the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the EC continues its “initially noticeably lame line” of cooperation with exclusively Western companies in the supply of vaccines. Contracts are concluded only with representatives from the EU, the USA and the UK, Zakharova noted. Thus, she commented on the statement of the representative of the EC Breton about the Russian vaccine.

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“Isn’t this a politicized approach? Is this a normal approach to solving the planetary problem? <...> This is a question for Brussels, which constantly says that Russia is pursuing a certain unfriendly policy towards the EU, refuses to interact. Read what your representatives are saying, ”said a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Zakharova also expressed the hope that such an attitude towards Sputnik V by the European Commission will not affect the pace of consideration of the application for registration of the drug in Europe.

“Especially taking into account the interest shown in our drug by many EU member states,” Zakharova noted.

She also mentioned the statement of the head of the WHO European division, Hans Kluge, that there is a real need for a Russian vaccine in Europe.

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