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Home Sport Machismo and sports journalism: in 2021 as in 2001
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Machismo and sports journalism: in 2021 as in 2001


Ignacio Quereda during a training session in Spain in 2015.
  • Vexations. “He would pinch my ass and say to me: ‘Do you know how roosters fertilize hens?’ ”
  • Danae Boronat. “The Quereda players were afraid of reprisals”

Why didn’t they say it before? When last week it was learned that several, many, of the best Spanish footballers in history denounced that they were victims of abuse and harassment by Ignacio Quereda, national coach from 1988 to 2015, that was one of the most repeated comments on websites and social networks. A classic denier machirulo. Beyond the obvious (the culture of fear, threats, deaf ears when they tried), there is another fundamental reason. You are here

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