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Maajussi-Stefano downloads direct words about the bride candidates who rejected her – the truth has already turned white in the letters – TV & movies

Lebanese Stefano Douaihy is one of the freshmen in the recent Maajuss for the Bride in the World series. For him, however, the program was disappointing.

Maajuss for the bride in the world saw a completely unprecedented situation on Thursday, with all four bridal candidates announcing that they did not want to continue their journey with a Lebanese Stefano Douaihyn with.

Stefano, 38, from Beirut, had ended up making the same decision himself a moment earlier, as the sparks did not throw with any bridal candidate. However, Stefano did not have time to reveal his decision to the women until they sniffed out their own opinion of him.

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Stefano now tells IS that the women’s decision was a pleasant surprise, as he had not aroused any feelings for them.

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– I was happy that the decision came from them, because I was afraid I would hurt them. They came from afar to meet me. It wouldn’t have been nice to tell them I wasn’t interested in them and it was therefore a relief, Stefano says.

– I didn’t know any chemistry based on the letters, but I didn’t want to be rude and not meet them. The least I could do was let them enjoy Lapland as a thank you for liking me.

Stefano, who works in alcohol exports, the olive industry and beauty pageants, says European women tend to like her. In the Majussille bride series, she said she was looking for an elegant and feminine woman who would suit her celebration to fill her lifestyle.

Stefano wonders why so many bridal candidates said they enjoy themselves mostly at home and celebrate only very rarely.

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– The letters were not what I expected and when I saw them, I knew the game was lost, Stefano says.

– I don’t want to criticize or sound like an idiot and a self-centered mind, but women were not only older than me, but also far from my type.

All the bridal candidates questioned Stefano’s motives for participating in the program. He was suspected of coming to Finland only to gather experiences and increase the number of his successors.

According to Stefano, the claim was not true at all.

– They said that I came to Finland just to take pictures on Instagram, and not to find a spouse. It’s as if I’m an aspirant who needs an invitation to Finland. Fact is that I have been to Finland in the past and I travel constantly around the world. I don’t have to call from a TV show to get there.

Stefano admits that for Maajuss, the bride program was a big disappointment for him in the end. He says he is especially disappointed that the program was filmed in the middle of the Lapland winter, and not in Helsinki, for example.

– I was disappointed that the filming was done at the “North Pole” and that no good-looking woman who sent me a letter was able to come so north. I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but yes, I was disappointed that I met my wishes meets a woman in the program.

– At first I was in shock, but in the end I decided to laugh about it. It was a unique experience.

Maajussi-Stefano works in alcohol exports, the olive industry and beauty pageants.­

Despite everything, Finland is, in Stefano’s opinion, a wonderful country to which he still intends to return. She says that she has met pleasant Finnish women outside of filming in Helsinki.

The bride-presenter of Maajuss also receives praise May Day Dark, which Stefano praises to be an extremely happy and radiant man.

– All in all, I love Finland and Finnish people and women are wonderful.

According to Stefano, a lot of good things have followed from the series. She says that she has received hundreds of messages from “young and beautiful” Finnish women who have watched the program.

Stefano has not heard of the women he met in the bride for Maajuss after the descriptions. He wishes them all the best and that they will find suitable partners for themselves.

Currently, Stefano is focusing on planning a major beauty pageant, which she will hold in Egypt in May. He says that one Finnish miss, familiar from the Miss Finland competition, is also coming Katariina Juselius.

– The race will be huge and it will be televised in all Arab countries, Stefano says.

For groundbreakers in the world of the bride on Thursdays at 8pm on MTV3.

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