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Maajussi-Mustafa’s comment on arranged marriages makes the bride candidate sigh – group dates in Turkey are full of cultural shocks – Entertainment

Watch out for plot revelations! Mustafa introduces his hometown of Alanya to his bridal candidates and takes them to get to know his family.

Maajuss for the bride in the world In the latest episode of the program, bridal candidates arrive at the landlocked countries in their home countries. Sanna, Piia and Maarit orient Mustafan, 42, for homeless people in Alanya, Turkey.

Mustafa takes women to explore the sights of Alanya. While admiring the scenery from the castle wall, the crowd notices the opposing couple taking wedding photos. It breeds in Mustafa’s mind a question he points to Sanna.

– Did you ever have, Mustafa asks, pointing to the wedding couple.

– I didn’t have a wedding dress like that, Sanna, 49, answers.

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– Was it? Mustafa asks again.

– There was no such white, Sanna replies.

– Not about that, but is there anything, Mustafa says.

– Yeah, I’ve been married once. I am divorced, Sanna responsible.

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– Huh? You said you were a virgin, Mustafa exclaims in amazement and the whole quartet explodes with laughter.

Maarit, for her part, asks Mustafa if there are still many arranged marriages in Turkey. Mustafa does not understand the question at first, but when Maarit clarifies that it means that parents choose a spouse for their children, Mustafa gets excited.

– Yeah! I also want to! Mustafa exclaims.

– Oh, has your mother found you good, Sanna asks.

– They always find wrong, Mustafa replies.

Sanna will update the situation for the cameras later.

– Again, the Finn sighs, but in this country we go like its culture, Sanna says.

The landscapes changed from Suomen Levi to Alanya, Turkey, when Mustafa invited three bridal candidates.­

Mustafa has also provided a real surprise for the women as she takes her bridal candidate right from the first day to meet her father at her home.

Maarit immediately takes over the situation by kissing Mustafa’s father’s hand, as is customary. Pia and Sanna, on the other hand, just shake hands with their candidate in a brisk Finnish way.

– I envy Maarit, who, having stayed in the country for a long time, knew how to kiss her father’s hand just right, Sanna says later.

Mustafa says her mother, over 60, is studying at school at the time of the meeting. This impresses Sanna in particular, who glows the matter to the cameras.

– Mustafa’s father is a city dweller, and his mother is from the village. Mom, now over 60, is learning to write and read. Black it’s really admirable, Sanna says.

Mustafa wonders Maarit’s question about arranged marriages.­

Mustafa says he lives with his parents in the house where he spent his childhood with his siblings. The other siblings have already moved away. Women describe Mustafa’s home as cozy and homely.

Because Mustafa’s home is being renovated, she has decided to accommodate the women in an apartment she rented, which she has rented from a friend. The two-storey apartment building with sea views impresses women.

The apartment also has an almost Finnish sauna and there is a lot on the balcony. The sauna has a Sauna Elf and a real stove, but Mustafa’s sauna does not convince women perfectly.

– Get lost now, this is a fake, says Sanna waving the sauna.

– C’moon, Mustafa says in frustration.

For Maajuss in the world of the bride on Thursdays at 8 pm on MTV3.

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