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Luxury sneakers from a rifle had dire consequences – Nike sues the company behind the “devil shoes” – Entertainment

Nike continues to vehemently deny having anything to do with the “devil shoes” designed by rapper Lil Nas and MSCHF.

U.S. sports shoe and clothing brand Nike has sued the rapper Lil Nasin designed from the “devil’s shoes,” he says NBC. Nike plans to sue the MSCHF, which published the shoes, for trademark infringement.

According to Nike, the trademark infringement is fulfilled, as the “devil shoes” designed by the rapper are similar in design to Nike’s famous Air Max 97 shoes. As early as Monday, Nike vehemently denied any involvement in the case, but according to the NCB, the company prosecuted after several mistakenly thought the famous shoe brand was involved in the design of the collection.

The shoes that caused a huge uproar have spawned a lot of feedback. According to the NCB, the prosecution emphasizes that Nike wants to protect its brand precisely and make its position visible through the prosecution.

– We have a lot of evidence that the shoes have caused significant confusion and confusion among customers, including calls to boycott Nike. These are based on the mistake that Nike would have somehow accepted the shoes, the prosecution says.

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– We have nothing more to say about this. We stress that we have nothing to do with the MSCHF or Lil Nas, commented from Nike to the NCB.

Lil Nas, who was active on social media, had noticed the rule of law. He posted on Twitter a short clip from the SpongeBob animation that says “I was just kidding … I guess you know I was just kidding? ”.

Lil Nasi’s shoes bearing the name “Satan Shoes” went on sale in 666 pieces. They are priced at $ 1,018, or about $ 865. Price is a direct reference to Luke 10:18, which says, “Satan was cast out of heaven like lightning”.

According to the NCB, the shoes were sold out immediately on Monday.

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The limited shoe lot features symbols suggestive of the devil, such as a pentagram, an inverted cross and even a drop of real human blood. According to the MSCHF, human blood has been donated from members of the arts community.

Lil Nas’s shoes caused quite a stir on social media.­

The shoes caused a huge flood of feedback over the weekend. Several public figures also criticized the shoes on social media. For example, the governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem and pastors Mark Burns knocked out the shoe idea completely. According to Burns, shoes are pure evil and heresy. Lil Nas fans, in turn, supported the rapper.

As a result of the uproar, Lil Nas decided to comment on the matter on his own Youtubeon its channel. He titled his video “Lil Naz apologizes”. Lil Nas starts his speech at the beginning of the video, but soon the apology breaks and the rapper’s new music video begins to run Montero (Call Me By Your Name), in which he dances in a provocative style with an actor dressed as a devil. In the video, the rapper deprives the devil of his life and takes his crown. The video has garnered millions of views.

The MSCHF, which implemented the shoes, is known for its scandalous snatches. In 2019, they released a limited edition Jesus-themed shoe with a steel crucifix and “holy water”.

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