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“Luxor” celebrates African cinema amid the temples of Karnak – Our Life – Cinema

Yesterday evening, the activities and screenings of the tenth edition of the Luxor African Film Festival began, where the opening ceremony was held in the famous Pharaonic temples of Karnak, in the presence of a group of artists and filmmakers in Egypt and Africa. This year the festival includes a four-day program of performances, which will witness the presentation of 54 films, ranging from a feature fiction, a short fiction, and a documentary film.

The president of the festival, Egyptian screenwriter Sayed Fouad, said in statements yesterday morning that the festival is dedicating its tenth edition to a group of movie stars in Egypt and the Black Continent, they are the artist Madiha Yusry, the artist Mahmoud El Meligy, the artist Mahmoud Yassin, from Egypt, the artist Hadi Al-Siddiq from Sudan, and the novelist Film producer Noureddine Essayel is from Morocco.

In addition to the festival honoring the financial director Sheikh Omar Sissoko, the artist Nadia Al-Jundi, the artist Samir Sabry, the artist Mohi Ismail, the director Ali Abdel Khaleq, from Egypt, and the artist Ezz El-Din El-Kafat from Morocco, there is a special program to honor the Sudanese cinema.

On the final map for this year’s film screenings, the president of the Luxor African Film Festival said that in the feature film competition, whose jury includes director Suleiman Cisse from Mali, his compatriot, Sheikh Omar Sissoko, and Egyptian director Kamel Aboudakry, eight films will be shown: Air from Angola, “Dougga .. Nearing the Dead” from Burkina Faso, “For Rent” from Egypt, “Granma 19… The Secret of the Soviet” from Mozambique, “The Hunter’s Diaries” from Cameroon, and “The Farmer” from Nigeria And “Connecticut Alley” from Morocco, next to the opening film, “This is not a funeral … this is a resurrection,” from Lesotho.

In the long documentary film competition, whose jury includes Moroccan director Ismail Farroukhi, Egyptian producer Safi El Din Mahmoud, and Sudanese-Egyptian director Said Hamed, who was born in Khartoum and worked with senior Egyptian cinema directors, eight films are shown: “After El-Obour” from Burkina Faso, and “Amgar” from Morocco, “With the Current Toward Kinshasa” from the Congo, “Varietra” from Madagascar, “Influence” from South Africa, “Don’t tell us more stories” from Algeria, and “Woodcutter” from Kenya, “Two hearts love till death do us part” from Zimbabwe.

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And in the Diaspora (Diaspora) Film Competition, whose jury includes Nigerian director Connelly Avolian, Haitian actor Jimmy John Lowe, and Egyptian director Magdy Ahmed Ali, eight films are shown: “Being a brown-skinned” by the German director, Ennis Johnson Sane, and “ Goodbye, Love, by the Tanzanian American director, Ekwa Ma Senge, and “Mrs. P” by Chris Van de Forme, from Nigeria, and “Prison for Profit” by the two sisters, Elis Van Velzen and Fimke Van Velzen from the Netherlands, and “Stop filming us” by Joris Postima from Congo, “Tele Couto Under the Sun” by Sophie Bachloier and Valerie Malik from France, “Revolution” by Welkett Bongoy from Portugal, “Zaho Zai” by George Teller and Director Rana Yvo Gona Meva from Austria.

In the short fictional film competition, whose jury includes Heba Othman from Egypt, director Salam Zamba Lijri from Burkina Faso, and producer Talal Afifi from Sudan, 13 films will be shown: “Foolish Beliefs” by director Huot Admasu Jitaneh from Ethiopia, “Making progress.” By Ennis Gere Yehuri from Rwanda, “Kohl Pale” by Samaa Talibah from Egypt, “Footprints” by Imran Hamed from South Africa, “Goodbye” by Anthony Nette from Ghana, and “This Is My Dance So Listen” by director Alia Sir Al-Khatm From Sudan, “Al Maidah” by Hefal Ben Youssef from Tunisia, “Shoft Evening” by Karim Shaaban from Egypt, “Years of Illusions” by Suleiman Jareem and Omar Omaroun from Algeria, and “Final Outreach” by director Yazid Al Qadri from Morocco, and “You” by Elizabeth Limo from Togo, and “600 Kilos” by Mohamed Salah from Egypt. In the official section outside the competition, three films will be shown: “A Date Party” by Hashem Hassan from Sudan, “Mediation” by Conley Afloian from Nigeria, and “Haraj” by Ismail Biljali from Algeria.


In the honoring program for Sudanese cinema, the film “On the Rhythm of the Antonov” by Hajuj Kouka, “Blue Stars” by Al-Sadiq Muhammad, and “You Will Die at Twenty” by Amjad Abu Al-Ala are shown.

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In the honors program, three films are shown: “Al Mukhtar” from Cameroon, “Mika” from Morocco, and “The Blue Elephant” from Egypt.

In the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the festival will present two Egyptian films adapted from his stories: “The Enemy Brothers” and “The Devils” by Husamuddin Mustafa.

In the program honoring the greats of African football, the film “Al-Zamalawiya” by Ashraf Fayek from Egypt and “Roger Mila … The Legend” by Alain Fongo from Cameroon will be shown.

Honoring Sudanese cinema, African football greats and Dostoyevsky.

– The festival dedicates its tenth edition to Madiha Yusri, Mahmoud Al-Meligy and Mahmoud Yassin.

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