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Luuk de Jong thinks he has proven to be more than a pinch hitter | NOW

Luuk de Jong believes that he has shown on Saturday in the World Cup qualifying match of the Dutch national team against Latvia that he can also be of value as a basic player. The striker helped the Orange with a goal to a 2-0 win.

De Jong had to settle for a raid on Wednesday against Turkey (4-2 loss). He also scored then and partly because of this, he gained the confidence of national coach Frank de Boer from the beginning against Latvia. He did not betray that confidence.

“I can function as a pinchhitter, but I can, for example, be very dangerous as a striker against an opponent like Latvia, if you are on the attack a lot and come in the sixteen. You could see that today, how important I can do in this. are “, said De Jong.

“I’m a different type of striker than Memphis. I try to keep the central defenders busy and make sure the guys around me get space and get into scoring position. Everyone knows I’m a team player. I have no problem with it when I have to subordinate myself. ”

‘I think we have put something right’

After the downer against Turkey, the Netherlands achieved the first success in this qualification series. The Orange must immediately be in pursuit of the Turks, who won 0-3 against Norway on Saturday and are in pole position for direct placement.

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“Everyone realized that we should not have come to a 3-0 deficit against Turkey in such a way. That happened to us a bit. Then you don’t have to shout harsh words at each other. how you react. We did that well, “said De Jong.

“I think we have put something right. We can be very satisfied with the way we played. There were very good attacks.

The Netherlands missed a lot of opportunities against Latvia and that could cost the team dearly at the end of the ride. The Orange squad will have a new chance on Tuesday to tighten the goal difference in the away game against the puny Gibraltar.

“The goal difference can indeed become very important. We talked about that with each other. Sometimes in football you have such a day that the ball just doesn’t want to go in. In the next match it often falls your way. Hopefully it will be so in Gibraltar. ”

Standings Group G World Cup qualification

  • 1. Turkey 2-6 (+5)
  • 2. Montenegro 2-6 (+4)
  • 3. Netherlands 2-3 (0)
  • 4. Norway 2-3 (0)
  • 5. Latvia 2-0 (-3)
  • 6. Gibraltar 2-0 (-6)
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