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Luleborna has walked 19 laps around the world – now the step hunt in the municipality is over

Shoe – instead of the climate footprint, was Luleå municipality’s slogan when they started the competition # once-for-all. A competition with the aim of increasing sustainable travel and where you have been able to collect points by ignoring the car and taking a walk.

Many have left the car at home

The step hunt has been partly individual but also in teams where the municipality’s districts and villages competed against each other. At midnight yesterday, the last steps were registered and the winners are crowned. Those who took it all home were the village of Prästholm in Råneå, outside Luleå.

– They have done incredibly well and with great commitment, but I still want to say that it is not the competition itself that is the most important, but we have reached our goal that more people should leave the car at home and go instead and we hope it lasts. even after the end of the competition and as many as 50 percent of the participants have driven a smaller car according to the survey they had to answer now at the end, says project manager Helena Lindvall at Luleå municipality.

READ MORE: Persöntrion takes the step hunt bloody seriously – wounded knees and broken feet

In the video, you hear who went the absolute furthest of all Lule residents and how it went for the competitive trio from Persön that SVT visited a few weeks ago.

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