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Luis Enrique: “The one from Greece is the best game of my career on a defensive level”


The coach says they will try to improve the offensive aspect of the team against Georgia so as not to add another setback.

Luis Enrique, during the press conference in Tiblisi.Z. KURTSIKIDZEEFE
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Go ahead, the first to know that the setback against Greece is a very ugly setback is his own Luis Enrique. It happens that the coach, in that sense of tribe with which he manages the group of internationals, plays down its importance from the outside and tries to extol the positive and hide the negative. It is a technique used by almost all coaches, but in the case of the national coach, and other names such as Simeone O Mourinho it is much more pronounced.

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In that key you have to understand, therefore, what he said this Saturday in Tiblisi before facing Georgia. “I am hyper proud of the attitude of the players the other day. After eleven years as a coach it is the best defensive game of my career. The opponent did not shoot once on goal, Unai he did not catch a ball with his hands, there was no corner against him. A hopeful defensive attitude, the best game of my career and it makes me very optimistic. If we are able to motivate ourselves like against Greece it will be very positive. You have to improve in the offensive phase, “he said.

Technically, it cannot be argued. Spain was very strong defensively against an opponent who had very little intention of attacking. The few times he tried, Spain prevented him at the first change. But Spain tied, and in such a short qualifying phase, that’s a problem. Will many things change against Georgia? “As a coach I analyze the games. Tomorrow [por el domingo] we will talk in a group, also some individual, but I am not a coach who opens up with talks. It goes out of necessity and what we see depends on what we understand which is better. ”

Yes there will be modifications in the eleven, although with a coach like this it is difficult to intuit them. All in all, the latest of the game against a team that put Sweden in trouble. Ibrahimovic Thursday is that there will be an audience in the stadium. Up to 15,000 people will see the match live, as happened to the national team in Ukraine, last November.

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