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Luis Enrique: “I can’t make my decisions according to what Pepe, Lucas or Manolo wants”


The coach was ironic about not having a fixed eleven and stressed that “a bit of negativity does not hurt” after the joy after the 6-0 to Germany a few months ago.

Luis Enrique, with his assistants.Julio MuñozEFE
  • world Punctured balls, bad grass, a team in a bad streak … “I’m very worried,” says Luis Enrique

The national soccer coach, Luis Enrique Martinez, wanted to offer a face “More optimistic“in relation to last Sunday after winning ‘in extremis’ to Georgia, and although he also warned that it seemed that there was already “a ‘maquinón ‘selection“after the thrashing of Germany, did not hide that it could be something beneficial “a little negativity“facing the Euro, a tournament for which he is not forming a fixed eleven because he sees” more important “that any of those he summons can play.

“The important is beat Kosovo and add all three points, but for June a bit of negativity does not hurt so that people are more attentive, “said Luis Enrique this Tuesday at a press conference prior to the clash against Kosovo. The Asturian pointed out that” from a ‘party’ “against Germany there was a lot of people who thought that “there was already a selection ‘machine’.”The one who won the World Cup and the Euro Cups He came from the qualifying stages with very fair results. Professional football does not know of great differences and it may seem that we had to win everything, but it has already cost us a dislike with Greece and we could have tied with Georgia, “he remarked.

Regarding the last game, he was less pessimistic since “the tension of the party itself distorts its own reality.” “After seeing it, the reflection is more positive and so I communicated it to the players and I will communicate it to you with images“, admitted of the one of Gijón to which the first part in Tbilisi He didn’t think it was “bad at all”, although they didn’t go “too deep”. Luis Enrique also referred to the debate on the non-existence of a fixed eleven. “Which I cannot do as a coach is that I make my decisions according to what Pepe, Lucas or Manolo wants“, he ironized, later clarifying that he was referring to the media, which are the ones that generate” opinion. “I have a record and for that they have signed me. I am delighted, I have 24 players and anyone could play and that is more important than having only eleven, then three are injured before the Euro and you arrive with players without confidence, “he said.

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And it is that the technician thinks that “it seems” that if he had a fixed eleven, things would be “better” for him. “It is always wanting what we do not have. I may be wrong, but it is my way of being and I will continue with it until I am not right,” he settled. Of the match against Kosovo, he assured that he hopes “a bit of a rival as in previous games“although the Balkan team is a” different team than Greece and Georgia. ” press high intensely. They are daring and try to play, I like it considering that he dares to take risks. It is going to complicate our lives in different phases of the game, he is a complicated opponent and that is how we have transmitted it to our players, “he warned.


The coach explained that Gerard Moreno has stayed because “two different resonances” showed that “there was no injury“, but that they did not want to” take risks “and have decided” in an intelligent way that he did not play until he had zero discomfort “, while he stressed that Sergio Ramos and Pedri they are ready to play. In this sense, and after last week he acknowledged that he did not believe that no one could play all three games, he clarified, asked if that also affected the goal, he joked that he could also say “some ‘little lie‘”.

“The good thing we have is that any of the three, and some that have not come, generates a lot of confidence in me and some that have not come as well. All three can play with me and they have the illusion. I am receptive to anything that improves my selection, “he admitted. “I wouldn’t want to carry anyone. We also control the minutes in their clubs and if they have European competitions. Each one is treated differently because each one has a different physique, “he added about new rotations.

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