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Lovely spring flowers inside, in the garden and on the glazed balcony – with a familiar Christmas favorite – Living

Finns have welcomed hyacinth as their new spring flower. The Commercial Garden Association hints at four options for Easter flowers.

Easter is a time of onion flowers.

In the bulletin, the Commercial Garden Association tells you your favorites outside, inside or on the balcony.

Tetenarsis fits out, even in the little frost

The small-flowered tetenarsis is the first true outdoor flower of spring. Due to its ease of care and happy yellow flowers, the tea has become the most popular onion flower of the spring. It is suitable as a stimulant for home, garden and balcony, says Kauppapuutarhaliitto.

The daffodil also withstands small frosts outdoors.­

Tetenarsis is more resistant to frost than any other early spring potted plant. After a little getting used to, the daffodil survives up to ten degrees of frost. It is important for frost resistance that the pot is thoroughly watered. If the soil is dry, the plant does not have the strength to resist the cold. If ten degrees more frost is allowed, it is advisable to lift the daffodils inside for safety.

Teten can be placed in a balcony box or container with pots, or planted in soil without a plastic pot. Tetenarsis do not need to be fertilized. It is advisable to put out tea pots, where the flowering is already clearly visible, because in the cool the flowers open slowly. The cool weather will make sure that the daffodils outdoors Held remain beautifully blooming for weeks on end.

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This is how the daffodil lasts a long time:

If you keep daffodils as a cut flower inside, you can influence its duration with your own actions.

Entrepreneur of Koskinenha Koskinen in Lahti Ilkka Koskinen told Ilta-Sanomat a year ago that the daffodil lasts about a week in a vase, but with certain actions its life can be extended.

– Like all onion flowers, the daffodil thrives in cool water, so you can put ice cubes in the vase from time to time. Also take the daffodils cool for the night, so they last longer, Koskinen suggests.

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The pearl lily thrives on the glazed balcony

The pearl lily is a small and pretty, mostly blue-flowered spring onion plant. As a potted plant, its availability is timed between the end of February and Easter.

The bell-shaped flowers of the pearl lily form a dense cluster. The flowers have a pleasant scent that intensifies in the warm. The leaves are thin and long. Most pearl lilies are deep blue or white, but there is also a pink variety. The popularity of white has risen in recent years.

The glazed balcony is an ideal place for pearl lilies.­

It is worth buying rather nubile flowers from the store, as they last longer than they have already opened. The onion can be moved from the sales pot to a larger pot or container. Regular watering is enough to treat the plant: make sure there is enough moisture, especially after a frosty night, as the plant needs water immediately after heating. Fertilization is not needed, as the bulb stores all the nutrients the plant needs to bloom.

The glazed balcony is an ideal place for pearl lilies, just like tetenars. Glazing protects from the colder moments of the night, and the abundant light of the day pampers the plants.

The flowering of the potted pearl lily lasts from one to two weeks.­

The flowering of the potted pearl lily lasts from one to two weeks. After that, you should plant them out as long as the ground has melted. The plant becomes a permanent, perennial companion to the garden. The successful Pearl Lily multiplies rapidly from its own bulbs. The leaves of the plant may remain lush green well into summer.

Spring hyacinth thrives in the garden for several years

Hyacinth, better known to us as a Christmas flower, has been a popular spring onion flower in Central Europe. In recent years, it has finally landed in the spring of Finland as well. Spring hyacinths are available domestically from March to April. The colors are spring yellow, lilac, orange, red and blue. Finns have welcomed hyacinth as their new spring flower.

Hyacinth is also suitable for spring.­

Hyacinth opens in about a week from a closed bud to a full flower, and flowering lasts for several days. Hyacinth should be purchased as knocked as possible so that it can be enjoyed for a long time. Gently moisten the hyacinth so that the stem does not stretch too long. Long hyacinths can also be cut into a vase into cut flowers. Cut the bulbs as close as possible and place the flowers in sparse, cold water.

In the garden, the hyacinth thrives in a pot or flower bed. It also withstands a little frost well. In the spring open air, hyacinth blooms for a long time, even several weeks. Hyacinths can last in the garden for several years, but the inflorescences decrease year by year.

The tulip fits in a vase

Tulip’s long season, which began in November, ends at Easter. The season ends with a yellow explosion: most of the tulips sold at Easter are yellow-winning, says Kauppapuutarhaliittto.

The tulips make spectacular decorations for the Easter table.­

The tulips can be used to make spectacular decorations for the Easter table or out to greet the doorway. For example, you can set different spring branches as a friend of the tulip bouquet. You can also work from the cut tulip to the front door of the wreath or give the flowers that have already opened a second life in a container at the gate.

Tulip treatment is easy. At home, cut a couple of cents off the stem of the tulips, and if you want upright tulips, let the bouquet soak up water in its plastic wrap for about half an hour. In this way, the fluid tension of the arms is restored and the wrap provides support for the arms.

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More vivid, curved tulips are suitable for the natural attack, so the liquid tension does not have to be so strong. It is a good idea to change the vase water a couple of times a week. When changing the water, the stems can be shortened. The new suction surface gives the flower better water.

A bouquet of tulips will delight in a vase for about a week. The tulip withstands coolness very well and lasts longer if the bouquet can be kept cool at times.

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