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“Love, magic and sectarianism” dominate the screen of the “Luxor Festival” – Our Life – Cinema

Yesterday, the screenings of the 10th edition of the Luxor African Film Festival continued, as the schedule for the second day included the presentation of 14 films, within the festival’s four official competitions sections, in addition to the honoring programs and the official section shows outside the competition, where issues of love, sectarianism, witchcraft and sorcery dominated the continent. And human conflicts on the stories of the movies.

In the feature-length feature film competition, the film “Doja … Names of the Dead” was shown by the directors, Abdullah Dao and Eric Lingani, from Burkina Faso. The events of the film revolve around contemporary Burkina Faso society, where everyone lives in a state like the doga or vultures, which are the birds that live on Dead animals, while everyone lives with their various beliefs in their own shell, the film rejects that religious sectarianism.

In the same competition, the film “Connecticut Street”, by Moroccan director Ismail Al-Iraqi, was shown. The film reveals the details of a romantic paradise and an eventful journey by a former rock musician.

And in the feature-length documentary film competition, the film “Al-Khattab”, directed by Maya Liku and Christopher King, from Kenya was shown. The events of the film begin when Carissa’s grandmother is accused of practicing witchcraft, and it becomes clear to him that the threatening letter his grandmother received came from a member of his family, and how the accusations are It is caused by a mixture of myths and economic motives, and that the grandmother is not the only one targeted. Hundreds of elderly people are described as witches as a way to steal their lands.

In the same competition, the Algerian film “Do not tell us more stories,” directed by Carole Feliu Mohaly and Farhat Mohaly, is presented. The events of the film revolve around a French woman and an Algerian man, and how the Algerian war ravaged their childhoods, one of them is a journalist.

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And in the Diaspora Film Competition – Diaspora Films – the Dutch film “Mrs. P “directed by Chris Van der Form, and the film takes place in the fishing village of Makoko, which is the largest slum overlooking the water in Nigeria. Mrs. P wants to unite women and present a play called“ Hear a Word ”, which is a project to empower women and achieve gender equality. .

In the same competition, the film “Zaho Zai”, produced in France, Madagascar and Austria, directed by George Teller, Rana Evoja and Namiva was shown. The film revolves around a young character who works as a guard in an overcrowded prison in Madagascar. Her observations of the reality of life in prison are intertwined with dreams. Vigilance for her unknown father.

In the official section program outside the competition, the film “Mediation” by the Nigerian director, Connelly Avolayan, was shown. The film revolves around the character of “Muaymi Olwa”, a cheerful university student.

Panorama and Honors

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In the Egyptian Panorama program, the festival presented yesterday, the film “The Washer” by Essam Abdel Hamid, and the events of the film revolve in a fictional comic framework around an advanced washing machine through which it is possible to travel through time, which causes many conflicts to explode, and the emergence of many paradoxes between its users on their trips .

In the honors program, the film “Blue Elephant 2” by the Egyptian director, Marwan Hamed, was shown, and in the program of the celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of the Russian writer, Fyodordostoyevsky, the film “Enemy Brothers” by Hossam El Din Mostafa, about one of the Russian writer’s novels, was shown.

Yesterday, the festival screened within the short films competition, “600” by Mohamed Salah (Egypt), “I saw an evening” by Karim Shaaban (Egypt), and “Here is my dance, hear it” by Sudanese director Alia Sir Al-Khatim.

• 14 films within the four official competitions in the festival.

• Honorary programs, “outside the competition” shows, and “short films”.

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