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LIVE – Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Saturday March 27

Faced with the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic, “a race against time is on,” Matignon acknowledged on Friday. Despite the restrictions put in place for many weeks and recently reinforced, France is still facing a critical epidemic situation, with an increase in contamination and a strong threat of saturation of hospitals. While 16 departments were already subject to new, stricter measures, which the government refuses to qualify as containment, the Rhône, Aube and Nièvre, are added to the list. In terms of vaccination, tension remains high between the European Union and London, while the Medicines Agency (ANSM) has confirmed the existence of a “rare” risk of atypical thrombosis associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine . Follow the evolution of the situation live

The main information to remember

  • Restrictions are tightened in three new departments
  • The epidemic situation continues to deteriorate
  • Controls will intensify at stations, airports and tolls

Tightened restrictions in the Rhône, Aube and Nièvre

19 departments are now affected by the new restrictions. The last three to join the list of these departments are Rhône, Aube and Nièvre. The measures will apply there from Saturday, as is already the case in 16 others, including the entire Ile-de-France: no trips over 10 km without derogation, no leaving the territory without reason imperious, new shops closed and half-classes in high school. 24 other departments are under increased vigilance.

Controls intensify at stations, airports and tolls

Controls will “intensify” in “stations, airports and road tolls”, while “continuing the checks to respect barrier gestures,” Matignon said on Friday. These measures, announced by the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin during a meeting with Prime Minister Jean Castex, come at a time when the epidemic situation is “critical with the entry into action of the third wave and the predominance of the British variant “. “A race against time is underway,” said Matignon in a statement.

In front of the Lille-Flandres station, about fifteen police officers were thus mobilized from Friday evening to control compliance with the rules in force in the department. Read our report here.

Tightening of measures in schools

Concern is rising in the ranks of National Education staff, while new contaminations have particularly increased among those under 15 this week. Should we close the schools or not? Faced with these increases, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, in any case announced that in the 19 departments under restrictions, a single case of Covid in a class would result in its closure. In recent months, the government has insisted that closing schools would only be a last resort.

The pressure is increasing in intensive care

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The number of patients in intensive care continued to increase on Friday, according to data from Public Health France (SpF). They were 4,766 Friday in sheaves, against 4,709 the day before. In the last 24 hours, 476 patients entered intensive care against 408 the day before, according to data from SpF.

The total number of people hospitalized in France because of Covid-19 was 27,242 on Friday, with 2,048 new admissions in 24 hours. The disease killed 304 people in hospital in 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths recorded in France to 94,302 since the start of the epidemic more than a year ago.

The number of contaminations was 41,869 on Friday, a very high level but down compared to Thursday when it exceeded 45,000 cases. The positivity rate, which measures the percentage of people positive for Covid-19 out of all those tested, rose to 8.1% against 8% the day before.

So far, 7.5 million people have received at least one injection, of which 2.6 million have had their two doses. France has therefore exceeded 10 million injections, with more than 400,000 bites in 24 hours.

AstraZeneca vaccine: the ANSM confirms a risk of rare thrombosis

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The Medicines Agency (ANSM) confirmed on Friday the existence of a “rare” risk of atypical thrombosis associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, after the occurrence of new cases in France, including two deaths, while stressing that the balance benefit / risk remained “favorable”.

“Nine cases of thrombosis of the large veins, atypical by their location (mainly cerebral, but also digestive), which may be associated with thrombocytopenia – decrease in the number of platelets in the blood, Editor’s note – or coagulation disorders have been declared “, six more than the previous week, indicates the ANSM in its latest update on the surveillance of vaccines against Covid-19. Among these cases, “two deaths” were reported between March 12 and 18, including that of a Nantes medical student who died on March 18 several days after being vaccinated, mentioned Monday evening by the ANSM in a press release and for which additional analyzes are in progress, as part of a judicial inquiry.

The Norwegian authorities have extended the suspension of the administration of the vaccine until April 15, deeming it necessary to deepen the study of its possible side effects.

Moreover, while the European Union continues to face supply difficulties, the tone is mounting between Brussels and London. The EU threatened Thursday to block exports of AstraZeneca’s vaccine. For its part, France accused the United Kingdom on Friday of engaging in “blackmail” on AstraZeneca vaccine deliveries because it has a “problem” of stocks for the administration of the second dose to Britons already vaccinated. Once.

Over 2.7 million dead

The pandemic has killed at least 2.76 million people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to an AFP report from official sources on Friday morning.

The United States is the most bereaved country with 548,052 dead, ahead of Brazil (307,112), Mexico (200,211), India (160,949) and the United Kingdom (126,445).

These figures are globally underestimated. They are based on daily reports from national health authorities, without including reassessments based on statistical bases.

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