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Live broadcast at 1 p.m .: Parliament twists on movement restrictions – will the law come into force before Easter? – Politics

A sharp twist is expected when Parliament begins to discuss a bill restricting movement.

Parliament after 1 p.m., there will be a referendum debate today on a government bill that would restrict citizens ’freedom of movement and contact. The opposition has not bought the government’s arguments about the necessity of restrictions on movement. In addition, it considers the bill to be confusing and has considered that other means would still be available.

  • The live broadcast from Parliament can be watched from the video at the beginning of the story. A textual follow-up to the discussion can be found at the end of this story.

The Committee on Constitutional Affairs will begin work on the bill early next week. Passing the bill is not a breakthrough. This is such an exceptional proposal that violates the fundamental rights of citizens, and many aspects of the proposal have raised questions about inequality.

The entry into force of traffic bans for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Turku is still behind many locks. The rule of thumb is that it takes Parliament about a week to process a bill, even in an emergency. Good Friday is next Friday.

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If the law goes through without the need for repairs, the government has yet to decree by regulation the areas for which movement restrictions would be imposed immediately.

– Strict will certainly do, I said the Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo last night in Studio A.

Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Kirsi Varhila slammed the interior minister.

– It must be borne in mind that it still requires savings by regulation. When the regulation regulates the areas, their situation and the criteria of necessity still need to be considered, Varhila said.

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Ohisalo emphasized that restrictions on movement will not be introduced if the disease situation changes during the course of the bill so that there are no longer grounds for them. Then the setting is not given. Ohisalo hoped that hard measures would not have to be used.

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